Well it has come around to another contest. This is the last time for the year. Let’s see how things go. I am very excited for the

 Inkshares 2017 Horror Contest


Journey to the town of Red Bear Texas. Explore Mist Lake in 13 tales of terror. The anthology of Red Bear is one to read, each story stands on its own, but connect to each other one way or another.

Preorder Tales From Mist Lake

Thank you,

Joshua L. Covarrubio

It is with a broken heart I announce "Tales From Mist Lake" will not be funded. I’m sure like last time it may be due to having it set as a hardcover option instead of paperback. This was my fault for not having it changed before starting pre-orders. So for now these stories will be set aside as I focus on "Enter The Phoenix" for Nerdist Contest.

A reminder all 13 stories are completed for "Tales From Mist Lake" with in the next few days everyone who placed an order should be refunded. Down the line I will try once more to fund my anthology collection. If at that time it fails, I will try other options to  releasing ’Tales From Mist Lake"

The journey for releasing both books will be a long one. I know it will be crazy, that is half the fun. If you don’t mind following and giving feedback on "Enter The Phoenix" I know it’s still in it’s early stage, but I am already revising this novel that I’ve set aside for more than five years.

Thank you all again for staying with me on my journey.


Immortality, death and rebirth threw fire and ash, as one falls from power. The clouds come in from above, the light fading into darkness silence in the air. Red lighting falling down on the ashes the smell of flesh and fire fill the air. A whirlwind swirls the remains into the air were a form emerges into the light. The pain of rebirth the feeling of freedom unlimited powers the fury building within. Feared as the most powerful creature on any world, Autolycus has been reborn again. Only the mighty Gronclo knows of the weakness, and it is up to Jalil to find Gronclo to defeat Autolycus for the last time.

"Enter The Phoenix" 

Has been added to Nerdist contest. It was very unexpected yes. I still have hope for ’Tales from Mist Lake" perhaps with more luck and Enter the Phoenix is in the top 10 it will bring more attention to my short story collection. 

Take a look and see what you think about my new book that is taking Pre-Orders and taking place in the Nerdist Contest. A few characters make an appearance. That’s right a few residence from Mist Lake have a strong connection to our crew of The Phoenix. 


Okay, a bit of unexpected news. I just got word that my other book Enter The Phoenix will be added to the Nerdist contest. I was not expecting to proceed with promoting this story so soon. I hope it does get updated. Even if it does not, I will continue with the paperback pre-orders for it regardless. 

As far as "Tales from Mist Lake goes" Well I will be setting up another campaign when the time feels right. Even if it is with another platform. Not decided at this time.

Please follow and read the first few chapters of  "Enter The Phoenix" Tell me what you think. This is my seven year project that is to be the only trilogy I plan on.


Well, it looks like time is running out. With only 2 orders and just days remaining it appears "Tales from Mist Lake" will not be funded. It has been a long difficult road to push for orders when life decides to hit me with everything possible. All stories are finished, and going through minor touch ups for continuity. All stories can stand alone, but there are minor characters that play a bigger role throughout each story.

Going down this road is difficult. I had planned on making this run with a paperback instead of Hardcover, but I didn’t contact Inkshares to change the option. That was my fault for not checking again. I am thinking of another crowdfunding option to hire an editor and release through Amazon paperback if another round fails in the near future. 

I haven’t decided yet. These 13 stories are ready, I just don’t want them to suffer from early release wow’s that I got when releasing two novellas with Amazon Kindle. I have updated the works, but they still feel unfinished. These two are part of the Mist Lake collection and will be included with the anthology collection.

I hope things go well, I know strange things can happen with any campaign at the end. Only time will tell. Thank you all again for staying with me as I figure out what the best direction is for this collection.

Joshua L. Covarrubio

All stories have been updated except the final tale that ties in all previous 12 stories together. I have been busy promoting the pre-orders. Still set at just 2, I hope things will pick up. I am also trying to rework a Voice over recording of ’Mirror House" with a woman narrating if that does not work out, I will release the version I recorded.

Please share and spread the word of Mist Lake. Listen to "The Thing From Mist Lake" on youtube. It is the first story that will set the way things go down at the lake. Most of the stories happen in the same year or time frame. With the exception of a few. Can you figure out the connection between those who visit the lake?

Things will proceed as planned for a release if inkshares does not work out, I hope they can help me set it to change for paperback option. I will work on another funding platform to help pay for an editor. 

Thank You for following.

Joshua L. Covarrubio


Well, the first twenty days and only one copy sold. Is it the writing, or the way I’m promoting my book? Can someone tell me. I don’t like sending private messages, that is now me. So some feedback would be great.


I still feel this could happen, just needs a boost in the best way. Thanks again for your time. 

I started the campaign early. So I thought it would give me a paperback option when I restarted the campaign again. It did not. That is okay, maybe it’s a sign of how it needs to be released. This will be the second time of trying to release ’Tales From Mist Lake’ If this fails I may be self publishing, it all depends on what happens at the end. So let’s do this.

Joshua L. Covarrubio


Okay, so I had no idea March 1st was on a Wednesday so I am moving the promotion up. February 27, 2017. It will be a paperback version. Which is the most heartbreaking thing for me to do. However I fell it will be the best choice. All but three stories are in final draft, the last three will tie all stories together completing the anthology. 

I have completed a short Book Promotion please enjoy. 

"Tales From Mist Lake" Promotion.

Thank you again for following along, I hope things will kick off.

Joshua L. Covarrubio


Well hello readers. Sorry to be doing this so late, but I work the night shift. I hope those who purchased a copy for the original campaign have been refunded by now. If not please contact inkshares ASAP.

Currently I am cleaning up a few major errors for the story flow into the next segment. As most of you are aware each story is connected in a major way. Some readers have figured out how based on the ones posted. I have decided to start another campaign on March 1st. Unless something major happens before then this will be the date. 

It does sadden me that I will need to try a paperback instead of hardcover. It seems that the price was just too high for those who were interested. That is okay. Maybe down the line I can release a hardcover version.

I hope to have a book trailer by then. Currently talking with local film students to make one for a low rate or possible FREE. I hope to have this ready before the campaign. We shall see.

Also if you have not please follow ’Enter The Phoenix’  and "Vast Land’ (Vast Land also takes place in Red Bear, TX the home of Mist Lake. 

Thank you,

Joshua L. Covarrubio 

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