Hello again! First off, we still need quite a few more orders to at least reach that 250 mark. With 70 days left that’s not impossible, but make sure you’re letting your friends know about the project and get them to at least follow along on the journey.

Now in terms of updates to the page, there’s a brand new video where I discuss some of the details of the world that the Orothros Trilogy takes place in. Also, if you’re excited to keep up with this world check out my short story on Amazon, The Queen of Boca Alacran. It’s a fun side adventure that takes place with in the universe. Also go ahead and follow my Dirty Rotten Bastards project as those stories will also exist in this world. Otherwise, I will probably have another video, discussing another aspect of the universe. Thanks for your support.


Oh hey guys! Just letting you know there’s a new "chapter" available. It’s a standalone section that may or may not become a prologue chapter in the future. What I am hoping it does is shed some light on Tannah West as a character to give you guys a better idea who the catalyst of the story is.
All, thank you for the support. Despite the low pre-orders, I’m still optimistic about the growth of followers Through the Ghost is getting. I recently added a short blog briefly describing the book, and some of the pre-order goals I have in mind. I plan to do another video next week that focuses on the catalyst of the story Tannah West. Things like who she is, why she’s heralded as The Avenger of Azariah, and her role in Orothros. I hope to do some small bits on each main character, as well as the state of the universe in general. If there’s a specific aspect that you want to know about, send me a message or mention it in your reviews of the first four chapters.
Thanks everyone for supporting this story, keep up the good work, we’re slowly but surely growing our fan base. I just wanted to let you know I altered the description/synopsis a little in case that was keeping you on the fence.
Woo! Six purchases so far!