We did it, wolf pack! 

We’ve made it to 90 readers and it’s all thanks to you lovely people. To celebrate this wonderful feat I have uploaded three second PoV chapters. I hope you take the time to read them, comments  are always welcome. 

On another note, the Geek and Sundry contest is now open and despite how much I wish to participate, I want to uphold my promise to start funding in the late fall. I have a lot on my plate at this time and I want to be able to finish my work before funding. I guess I am strange that way. I think it would be too much to juggle working, funding and editing if I join in on the contest. But that is good news for my fellow writers! There are so many AMAZING ideas and projects out there, so instead of funding now I am going to use my time to edit, rewrite and help some people out with their projects in the contest. 

The stars are just not right for me to join. But nevertheless I will be working hard on "Children of the Dire". We are close to 100 readers and that is an achievement in my mind. Maybe in the future if they have another contest but right now I want to focus on making my series the best it can be.

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I’ve gotta say I really like that cover!

It’s been awhile. Let’s catch up, shall we, wolf pack?

Summer vacation has come with all its distractions. For the past month, I have been away from home travelling the Great White North of Canada to meet with family and nature. 

For a few weeks, I spend some time in Tobermory, Ontario (I highly recommend going there it is a beautiful place). I’ve been far from an internet connection this past week. However, my travels have not stopped my writing. In fact I did my rewrite of the third book by participating in Camp NaNoWriMo (sort of, because I found it hard to get internet). But now I’m back!!

But that is not why I have made this update. I have great news, because with your help we have made it to 80 READERS in the wolf pack. So to congratulate and thank you, I have uploaded another chapter with a familiar character. I hope that you enjoy it. I have a lot of faith that we will make it to one-hundred by the end of the summer. Remember, when that happens all the second chapter PoVs will be uploaded for you to read.

Thanks again for all of your support.

Good afternoon wolf pack, just a quick update and a quick thank you to everyone for your support. I have officially made it to seventy readers and that means the world to me. So to celebrate I am going to upload another chapter. I hope you guys enjoy. Happy writing!! 

Good morning wolf pack!! I hope that your morning is fairing you well. I know its been some time since I updated you on the project. It is still under beta mode at the moment and set to fund in late fall of 2016. 

I have decided that once we reach one-hundred readers I will upload the second chapters for each PoV characters just for you guys. Let’s strive for one hundred readers! We can do this together! 

Also, character designs are coming soon. I am working with my artist to make designs for each important character, they should be coming around next month as well as the new covers. Thanks again for all of your support. It means the world to me! 

Good morning wolf pack! (That is what I have chosen to call you all). Here’s the map of Romeldaros I promised:

Thanks again for helping me reach 60 readers!! It means a lot to me! 

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Please can we get 60 readers to get a map because I need a map to work out where the characters may go next as a beta reader, plus it’s an awesome story!

Good afternoon everyone!! Just a small update, we are so close to 60 readers. When we reach 60 readers I will upload the map of the world in my story (if you are curious it is called, Romeldaros, or at least the main eleven kingdoms are). We can do it!! Thanks again for all your support. It means the world to me!

A big thank you to all of my supporters!!! With your support we have made it to 50 readers. This is all thanks to you and I cannot praise you all enough. I will upload a few more chapters features some main PoVs as a little reward for you guys. 

I am planning to start funding by late fall of 2016 since I still have a long way to go crafting the series. So keep on the lookout for more updates and if you like what you read please feel free to recommend. It means a lot to me and my first novel. We’re half way to one hundred readers! I believe we can do it! 

Thank you again for all your support! Fifty readers is truly a milestone for me.  

Uploaded another two chapters featuring some important characters. Please take the time to read them. Thanks again for all of your support!! When we reach 50 followers I will upload the chapters featuring the main three PoVs. 

Also I have some good news! The artist for the covers of the novels has been chosen. The covers will be created by Cris Delara, a talented artist and an even more amazing person. She will also be doing commissions of the characters. If you are looking for commissions and beautiful art work, check her out!!  
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