All, thank you for the support. As we roll into the holiday season, I wanted to share some good news. 

First - after a short pause, The Wildlife Confessional will proceed into layout and design beginning the new year, so expect more regular updates in 2019. 

Second - for those of you who are active members of The Wildlife Society, you can expect to find a teaser for The Wildlife Confessional in the Jan/Feb 2019 issue of The Wildlife Professional (our member magazine that we gently poke fun of with our title). The teaser features San Joaquin kit fox expert Brian Cypher’s harrowing encounter that nearly brought him to tears before putting pen to paper in "Owned by a Pirate Kit Fox."

Thank you for your patience, I look forward to putting this and other adventure in your hands soon.



c/o The Editors
The Wildlife Confessional

Happy Summer to all of our amazing The Wildlife Confessional backers,

I want to provide you with a quick update as summer begins to wind down - in addition to meeting our fundings goals this February, we have achieved two additional milestones this summer:

[ ] Manuscript submission to Inkshares
[ ] Illustrations submission to Inkshares

Moving forward, the next steps will be the layout and design phase before we are ready to go to press. As we begin to make progress towards the final publication of The Wildlife Confessional, we will be providing more frequent updates so you can share in our growing excitement. 

Thanks for your patience, and for helping back this exciting new project.

Best wishes,


c/o The Editors
The Wildlife Confessional


Thank you for supporting The Wildlife Confessional. I’m happy to report that we successfully met our goal this Friday, and will be moving into the production stage. 

NOTE: Project backers will have received an email a few hours ago erroneously stating that the project did not meet the funding goals; however, that email was sent by Inkshares by mistake due to a technical error, so please rest assured that the project is still moving forward.

Although all purchases have already been voided, Inkshares notified me that they will be recharging everybody’s credit cards for the number of books you originally purchased, such that the voided transactions will be a wash. Thus, *you do not need to (re)purchase new books*

I apologize for this confusion, as does Inkshares, and if you have any questions about charges to your credit card, please contact them directly at

Thanks for your support - we expect to have final hard copies in the mail in approximately four months.

Thanks again,