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@Thaddeus Woodman I will have some new stuff by the end of the week most definitely. Glad you like it!
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@Jose H. Trevino I love the new concept. Do you have any other concepts you could share here?
Hey guys, I’m taking a break from marketing and playing with some book cover ideas. Let me know what yall think!

I have created Orin and the Skyscrapers promo bookmarks! I will be dispersing them out during SXSW in Austin, Texas. 250 pre-orders, here we come!

I added my first ever concept of Orin on the book page! I painted it years ago, Hope you like it! Also I would like to happily announce that over the course of 7 days we have amassed 46 Pre-Orders! Unfortunately I started the race late but will continue to spread the word. Thanks for your support and over the next 8 days I aim to reach a top 3 spot in the contest!

Video is up to set the stage for Orin and the Skyscrapers. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks everyone for the support! I’m working hard to bring you the best story I can. 

New twitter handle @OrinandtheSky

Hey everyone, I updated the Book page with some concept art for the comic book I’m finishing up. Let me know what you think!


Thank you everyone for supporting Orin and the Skyscrapers! I have been extremely busy with the marketing aspect and have not updated much content. Apologies for that, however, I will continue to share more of what has been completed as we move along. Take care all!

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