I had a blast on air this morning with VividLife Radio​! We talked about The Body of Chris, the Inkshares publishing process, and writing tips for aspiring authors.

You can give the interview a listen here: http://bit.ly/vividliferadio

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Congrats Chris!  Really liked the book - I'm having my pediatrician wife read it next so she can see inside the adolescent boy's body image issues.  

I'm excited to have The Body of Chris​ on Kirkus Reviews​! Here are a few pulled quotes:

 "Addiction, disordered eating, and manic depression are each, by themselves, tremendous hurdles, and the mere fact that Cole has weathered all three makes his account remarkable."

"A unique, compelling narrative."

"A colorful, faith-based memoir of recovery."

Read the rest of the review here: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/chris-cole/the-body-of-chris/

Hey Everybody!

My little virtual tour for The Body of Chris is still underway, and I am super excited to have the book reviewed in Library Journal (click here). Here are a couple pulled quotes from the column:

"Cole tells his story with self-effacing humor and compassion..."

"Cole's simple honesty could be massively helpful for those struggling with mental illness, body issues, or almost anything."

Also, I was able to contribute to an article for Elements Behavioral Health (click here), giving advice to newly-diagnosed bipolar patients:

“Think of treatment in terms of manageability, rather than believing in ideas that you are broken. You could be far from broken — gifted creatively, spiritually, intuitively — but your beautiful mind or compassionate heart will be unsustainable without some level of stability.” — Chris Cole, author of The Body of Chris

Thanks again for the opportunity! If you haven't yet, please leave a review on Amazon (click here) and Goodreads (click here). They are massively helpful.

In the latest development of The Body of Chris campaign, I was able to speak with Kaila Prins, host of the Finding Our Hunger Podcast. We talked about the book, discovering strength in vulnerability, men's body image issues, and society at large. We even talked about pornography and penis size insecurities. 

The episode is a long one, but definitely worth the listen. I come on after a twenty-minute intro by Kaila, so don't be confused if you don't hear from me at the start. We ended up racing through an hour of much needed dialogue around the topics presented in the book. I hope you enjoy! 


Hello Body of Chris Backers,

We've encountered a few problems in shipping out books to all of the readers who pre-ordered the book.  If you have not yet received a copy please shoot us an email at hello@inkshares.com.



Hey everyone! I did an interview last night with Let's Talk Radio. I was asked about The Body of Chris and general mental health. There was even a tough question about guns and mental illness! Here's the link if you care to listen: http://bit.ly/letstalkradio

NOTE: If you want to skip ahead, my twenty minutes start at 21:05!

I'm excited to share with you one of my blog posts published on Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/crazy-life/201510/please-don-t-tell-me-i-just-have-chemical-imbalance

I hope you get a chance to read it. Have a great weekend!

Hey everyone! It's been exactly one month since publication, and I want to share with you how things have been going!

First off, I have been absolutely floored by the positive feedback from many of you. It might not be very obvious from the writing, but I was really anxious about the release. A lot of this stuff was surprising even to my own family. It makes me think a lot about the stigma of mental illness - how people are afraid to talk about mental health. People like me are often left feeling isolated, when in reality, there are millions of people going through the same struggles everyday. 

Also, as many of you have pointed out, it doesn't take a mental illness to still feel insecure about body image and sexuality, or struggle with perfectionism, or question one's faith and purpose in life. I've been truly touched by some of your stories of your own challenges over the years, and it's been humbling and enlightening to hear how many people relate.

Some fun stuff is that The Body of Chris got all the way up to #1 on Amazon in the bipolar category! It also hit #1 New Release status for multiple days in the bipolar and eating disorders categories. Very cool! Lastly, I'm excited to report that between Goodreads and Amazon, The Body of Chris has already received a whopping 34 perfect 5-star ratings! And that's not just friends and family :)

34 reviews are great, but there are 282 backers, so I think we can do even better! If you have read the book, please take a moment to leave a review on Amazon (click here) and Goodreads (click here). I can't tell you how important this is for the book's visibility. And as always, any social media mentions and link shares are huge for spreading the word.

Thanks so much for your support with the launch! I'll be reporting some fun media coverage in the coming days, so stay tuned!


It's finally here! I know this is probably old news to you guys, since many of you have already read the book, but today The Body of Chris is now available in all formats and on all platforms! I'm going to ask one more time for y'all to help me spread the word:

  1. Please share the Amazon link (currently #1 New Release in Eating Disorder Self-Help): http://www.amazon.com/Body-Chris-Obsession-Addiction-Madness/dp/1941758142/
  2. Please rate/review on Amazon (click here) and Goodreads (click here).
  3. Don't forget to hashtag #thebodyofchris, so we can get this thing trending!
  4. If you have any other ideas for getting the word out, please email me (click here).

Thank you for making this dream a reality!

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