Hello "Wings of the Pirate" supporters!

I have been asked a good question by one of the supporters: 

"Can you please tell me when the book I ordered back about 6 months ago will be mailed?????"

That is an excellent question! 

Thank you so much for your order and support of my new adventure book "Wings of the Pirate".  Without you it wouldn’t have hit its preorder goal of 250 copies.  The publisher I am working with (Inkshares) on this title is a crowd supported publisher.  The author runs a preorder campaign and if they hit their goal, the publisher knows there is interest in the book and they publish it.  I turned in my completed manuscript to them after my campaign was completed and now they are in the process of publishing the book.  Production includes:  editing, cover design, formatting and proofing, etc.

I was informed that they are currently working on a lot of titles and mine should be completed in about 8-12 months.  Ugh, that’s as long as my traditional NY Publisher takes with my novels. My primary goal with publishing with Inkshares was to gain connections to their Film/TV agent UTA (United Talent Agency) who is one of the top three agencies in Los Angeles.  I’m working toward making my stories into films, so this was an important step.  I will keep you updated as the info is presented to me.

Thank you for your patience,

Sincerely, Eric H. Heisner

Author of "Wings of the Pirate", "West to Bravo" & "T.H. Elkman" www.leandogproductions.com

Well, nothing much new on the "Wings of the Pirate" front.  I finished another polish on the manuscript and am waiting for the final chapter-head illustrations from my Artist pal Al Bringas.  He has done a fantastic job with them all and I can’t wait to show you all when the book comes out next year. 

If you’re up for reading a bit more of my non-Western stuff, I put up another novel project of mine "Africa Tusk" which I have completed the first draft on.  It deals with the fight against elephant poachers in Africa and the possibility of using drones...

Have a wonderful Holiday Season, I will be updating you more in 2017!


Eric H. Heisner

Writer, Actor & Filmmaker @ www.leandogproductions.com

Only 3 Days left for the Preorder campaign!  We made it above and beyond the publishing goal of 250 and I owe everyone a huge Thanks!

I’m currently in South Florida heading into the Florida Keys tomorrow for a friend’s wedding this weekend.  I traveled out a day early to journey up to "America’s Seaplane City" - Tavares Florida.  As a seaplane enthusiast, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit a town that embraces water-flying.  I flew from Phoenix to New Orleans to Ft. Lauderdale, then drove 4 hours north to Tavares.  It was worth the trip as the Prop Shop near the town’s seaplane base is currently redoing the gift shop and thought "Wings of the Pirate" would be a perfect addition to their seaplane inventory.  It’s always good to have a popular seaplane base gift shop carry your novel on Air Pirates in the South Pacific when Jimmy Buffett and one of the investors for Mel Fisher’s treasure hunt has a house nearby on the lake.  If you want to see photos and videos of my flying boat adventure today, check out my Facebook or Instagram pages: Eric H. Heisner

Thank you everyone for bringing this fun adventure story to bookstores and seaplane bases worldwide!

Your trusted Air Captain,

Eric H. Heisner


Hello Treasure Hunters & Readers!  

I put the names of all the readers in a bowl and had my two kids alternate the 10 picks for Lucky Winners of the "Wings of the Pirate - Adventure Coloring Book".  Here are the winners in no particular order:

Nicola Sarjeant


Cardy O’Donnell

Jim Nichols

Tyrolin Puxty

David Von Ancken

Amanda Denise

Adam Mock

Michael B. Smith

Bonnie Dho

And ...  The Grand Prize winner of the hand-painted model Grumman Seaplane is: Larry Chillipepperkid Giles!!

All you special winners, please contact me at Leandogs@gmail.com with your best mailing address and I will ship your prize right out to you.

Congratulations to the winners and a huge Thank You to everyone who made the publication of "Wings of the Pirate" possible!  We still have a few more weeks in the preorder campaign (Nov. 20th), so continue spreading the word and keep the orders coming in.  We are one of the few books on Inkshares that made the publication preorder goal in the more expensive, quality hardcover version - Great Job!


Eric H. Heisner

"Wings of the Pirate - Adventure Coloring Book":  https://www.amazon.com/Wings-Pirate-Adventure-Coloring-Book/dp/153972851X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1478476380&sr=8-1&keywords=wings+of+the+pirate

Hello Adventure Readers!  

Since we made the 250 goal last week, orders have continued to come in - Thank You!  I will be picking for the big raffle this weekend, so all you who are following the book and haven’t jumped aboard, there is still time to put in your order and have a chance at winning a "Wings of the Pirate - Adventure Coloring Book".  I will be picking ten random names out of a hat for those.  I will also be picking one name for the hand-painted Grumman Seaplane model.  If you haven’t contacted me to get in on that raffle, please email me at leandogs@gmail.com.  The coloring book has over 20 of my favorite illustrations from the novel and is also available at amazon.com :  https://www.amazon.com/Wings-Pirate-Adventure-Coloring-Book/dp/153972851X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1478208697&sr=8-1&keywords=wings+of+the+pirate

Thank you again and I look forward to announcing the raffle winners late in the weekend.


Eric H. Heisner

Author & Filmmaker

Well, Adventure Readers & Air Pirates ... We made it!

Just a few days ago, we made it past the 250 preorder mark, so "Wings of the Pirate" will be published by Inkshares sometime in 2017.  It has been a long hard road to sell a book that is completed, but not published yet, but I am so very grateful to all of you who have shown their support.  We still have twenty some days until the campaign ends, so if a Treasure Hunting pair in the South Pacific, flying around in seaplanes is your taste, go ahead and place that preorder.  The more orders received means the more promotional resources the publisher will  put toward selling the book.

To show my gratitude, I will be raffling off a hand-painted Grumman Seaplane model representative of what our hero and heroine fly around in during the tale.  Contrary to what my kids and I think, my wife informed me that not everyone gets as excited about seaplanes as I do.  So ... to give away even more tokens of gratitude, I will also do a raffle for the newly published "Wings of the Pirate - Adventure Coloring Book".  Illustrator, Al P. Bringas did over 30 sketches for the novel and I put some of them along with a bit of story in a coloring book for all ages.  

Here’s what we’ll do:  Send me a message (Inkshares or email: leandogs@gmail.com) if you’re interested in the Grumman Seaplane model and I will put all those names in a hat to be drawn on November 7th.  All other names will be put in a hat and 10 separate winners will be chosen to receive a free Wotp coloring book.  Of course, for each order, you will have a chance to win (multiple orders = multiple chances).  If you haven’t already, put your order in before we do the drawing and let me know if you’re interested in owning a seaplane!

Thank you for all you wonderful support and making this book happen.


your Flying Boat Captain, 

Eric H. Heisner


Hello Adventure Readers! 

We’re just 2 orders away from the 250 mark and guaranteed publishing with Inkshares!  Anyone with that green "preorder button" along the bottom of their email, please consider grabbing a copy of "Wings of the Pirate" and helping us get this book in your hands and bookstores worldwide. 

After we cross the 250 mark, I will be updating everyone with a special raffle for a Grumman model seaplane and will be giving away some "Wings of the Pirate - Adventure Coloring Books" as well.  Artist Al Bringas did over 30 illustrations for the novel and the coloring book features most of ’em.

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement in making "Wings of the Pirate" happen!


Eric H. Heisner



Whoops ... I meant, it would be great to get nominated for the Staff Syndicate for OCTOBER. What month is it now?? A November nomination would be fine but an October "Staff Syndicate selection" would be better!

Thanks! EH

Hello Adventure Readers!

We are so close to hitting the publishing goal of 250!  We are at 228 orders and need another 22 orders to hit our target!  This past weekend, I was a guest a the Lone Pine Western Film Festival and signed copies of my new (just released in bookstores!) Western novel "T.H. Elkman".  It was a great weekend and I autographed a couple dozen books.  Hopefully a few "Wings of the Pirate" orders come in from those books as I was sure to include info about Inkshares and my adventure novel.

We still have just over a month left to hit the goal so it would be great to have you aboard with a preorder if you haven’t signed up already.  Also, I was nominated last month for the Staff Syndicate and had several wonderful supporters.  It would be great to get nominated again for November, so if you’re a member, speak up and help get "Wings of the Pirate" pushed over the funding goal and beyond!

Thank you all for your continued support.


Eric H. Heisner


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Great cover!  Love the colors, the logo, the plane designs, everything.
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