The Inkshares Mystery/Thriller contest goes live tomorrow!

And so does "Cat’s Paw".

Watch this space, or follow the project. Remember, it’s the pre-orders that convinces Inkshares of the viability of a book project. In the case of a contest, it’s the number of individual people placing orders that counts, not the number of orders; so the more of you there are, the better.

Also maybe check out the other books going into the contest. Right now, I’d like to draw your attention to "Gumshoe Rules", by Z. Z. Traver. It’s classic hardboiled, but I suspect there’ll be a slight postmodern spin to it as well. It apparently revolves around something called the Z-Machine ... which a handful of you might recognise as an interactive fiction reference. I’ve already put money on it, and you should too.

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I finally finished it (stupid life kept interrupting me!), and I’m not blowing sunshine up anyone’s arse when I say this is by far my favorite book that I’ve supported on Inkshares. Time to leave reviews all over the intertubes.  Keep writing, Christopher...I love your style, you masterful storyteller, you! :)

It was always my intention to follow up "A Gentleman’s Murder" with a sequel featuring Eric Peterkin on another sleuthing mission. That is still my intention; however, what was supposed to have been a short story to warm myself up seems to have turned into a full-blown novel, so it appears my next book will be a stand-alone novel instead.

Well, Agatha Christie’s second novel wasn’t a Poirot story, was it? Think of it as a palate-cleanser.

The working title for this next book is Cat’s Paw, and it’s a tale of Gothic suspense rather than a straight-up whodunnit ... something somewhat darker in tone than anything Eric Peterkin would get up to. I encourage everyone to go follow the project now. It appears that Inkshares is planning to kick off a mystery contest this coming Friday, and I intend for Cat’s Paw to be a part of it. Pre-orders will open then.

1921: Sir Lawrence Linwood is dead, and his three adopted children -- Alan, Roger, and Caroline -- have returned to the remote village of Linwood Hollow for the funeral. What begins as a bittersweet reunion turns sinister when the visiting chief inspector assures the family that Sir Lawrence was murdered -- and that the evidence points to their own mother, a woman so frail and emotionally devastated that any idea of guilt seems unthinkable.

Is Lady Linwood really stricken by grief? Or is it fear? If she didn’t do it, then it can only be one of the three Linwood siblings. Whichever of them identifies their father’s killer will be named the sole heir to his estate, but how badly does each of them want that prize?

It’s been a dozen days since the official release of A Gentleman’s Murder, and I think everyone should have received their pre-ordered copies by now. So now I’m waiting anxiously for reviews to start making their appearance on Amazon and Goodreads. Last I looked, there were ten reviews on; I’m told that wants maybe a hundred before they’ll start taking a book seriously. And after all, people shopping Amazon want to know what they’re getting into, don’t they?

Meanwhile, the audiobook is out, too! You can get it here, from It’s narrated by Raphael Corkhill, who does a fantastic job with his performance. He’s got one of those deep baritone voices you could listen to for ages, and a delivery that takes you right there into the world of 1924 London.

So please, tell the world ... but especially, tell Amazon.

Happy reading!

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I can hardly wait to receive my copy!! Once I get moved, I promise to read it and provide you a review.

Reviews on Goodreads and Amazon are nice. I’m just saying.

Dear friends and followers,

The ebook download links for "A Gentleman’s Murder" were sent out today. I am currently at the Inkshares office signing the books for those of you who ordered print copies during the funding campaign. Those should be shipped out tomorrow--a little later than I’d have liked, but you can’t have everything.

We’re nearly there! It’s been a long road, and I hope you’ll enjoy this story, almost as much as I hope you’ll tell the world about it. Your voice counts for something in this world, and your honest opinion would mean a great deal to me.

As noted above, reviews on Goodreads and Amazon are wonderful things.


Dear friends and followers, I just looked at the calendar and realised: there are, as I type this, just eighteen days (and a couple of hours) to go until 31 July, when "A Gentleman’s Murder" is officially released into the wild.

If you happen to be in Montreal for the week following, there will be a book signing and launch event at the Indigo bookstore downtown (Place Montreal Trust, 1500 McGill College Avenue) on Saturday, 04 August from 1 pm to 4 pm.

In the meantime, if you’re in the U.S., there’s a GoodReads Giveaway happening with 25 free copies of the book to be won. Check it out and tell your friends.

And speaking of GoodReads, we’ve got a few reviews there already from readers with advance copies. Reviews have so far been complimentary -- let’s hope the trend keeps up! And I hope you’ll consider adding your own when you’re done.


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Congrats, Christopher!!!  Love the new cover, and I am very much looking forward to reading "A Gentleman’s Murder"!  I also really enjoyed reading your interview with Jacqui, and learning about the genesis of the story and your process.    
Zack badge color 2 Z.Z. Traver · Author · added 8 months ago
The new cover looks terrific. Congrats on the early reviews. I’m really looking forward to getting my copy!

Dear friends and followers,

Things are really progressing! We have:

  • Galleys! And a new cover!
  • Reviews! Blurbs!
  • Interviews! (You’ll want to check this out.)

So, first off, the galleys. LOOK! Inkshares posted this to Twitter a few days ago:

Yes, there’s a blurb there from Andy Lewis of The Hollywood Reporter. It says, "A mystery that recalls the best of Golden Age detective fiction. With fresh characters and unique twists, Huang has created a whodunit with just the right mix of old and new."

If you head over to one of the online retail outlets like Amazon, you’ll see a few other blurbs too: 

  • "Dorothy Sayers is alive and well and writing under the name of Christopher Huang. A Gentleman’s Murder echoes the traditional mysteries in the best sense: no car chases or explosions, just great characters and a feel for time and place." - Rhys Bowen, author
  • "Settings and atmosphere captured perfectly from nearly a century ago, complex characters, and a compelling mystery―Christopher Huang’s A Gentleman’s Murder is a must read for fans of Anthony Horowitz, Charles Todd, and Anne Perry." - Daryl Maxwell, Los Angeles Public Library
  • "A dazzlingly atmospheric debut that transports you to 1920s London. A Gentleman’s Murder is a meticulous mystery that will keep you guessing until the end and please fans of both Agatha Christie and Gillian Flynn." - Sarah Nivala, Book Soup

Over on Goodreads, Advance Reader reviews are already coming in.

And interviews. Well, interview, singular ... for now. I exchanged a few friendly words with Jacqui Castle, author of The Seclusion, on her blog. Here’s the link. (While you’re at it, why not also check out The Seclusion? It’s quite the disturbing little dystopian epic.)

And we’re on track for the official publication date of 31 July 2018. TALLY HO!

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