Well now, seems the link ran out of magical juice. If you're so inclined, you can find a video of my creation with this. https://youtu.be/Y7fJkc1d9Vk

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!   Though it's not quite new years yet for me, alot of my international friends are celebrating in full force.   

I thought I'd share a sample of one of my on going sculptures I am making.  ;You can check it out here.;  Inbetween cleaning up chapters and writing out ideas for book 2 of JT Stevensen, I have to finish this sculpture for a contest in October.  Though I may just keep it for myself. 

Until Next Year!

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Time is moving so quickly. Work, work and more work.  But I managed to find time to clean up the prologue and chp 1-5 quite a bit more.  And below is the book blurb I finaly decided on.  I wish everyone a happy holiday!

Magic. Jerimiah has always has been told such a thing don't exists in the real world and to leave that for his video games. He knew he should listen and accept that as truth. However, on his 8th birthday something horrible happens that changes everything.

Four years later, destiny reunites Jeremiah to home where it began, the home of his grandfather Victorio. Now nightmares that used to plague his dreams return to haunt him once again; two cloaked figures arguing with his grandfather in their backyard, attacking him in ways he could only explain as magical.

Suddenly, strange and unexplainable things begin to happen at the house. Things that will make Jerimiah question everything he knows about his family and the world itself.

Going to be very busy durig Christmas.  Work is truely insane, I may not have time to update for awhile.  So for now, here is chapter 5.  Hope everyone enjoys it!

The holidays have been beat, working extra hours and helping family.  I've cleaned up chapter 4 a bit and now its available to read!  I hope to have another update soon before Christmas.  

Happy holidays!  I have been busy with work since it's the season for that.  I have been editing several chapters and changing minor things with the storyline/plot.  Hope to have another chapter up for everyone to enjoy by this week! So stay tuned!

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Hey all!  I will be a tad busy with work and family obligations, however my first draft is finally done.  I am self editing right now, checking for mistakes and updating minor storyline details.. Stay safe and Happy Holidays!

Edited existing chapters and added Chapter 3.  Enjoy and Happy Holidays! I'll add Chapter 4 after Thanksgiving.  

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Added Chapter 3, and made a few edits to previous chapters and prologue.  I hope you enjoy!  Thanks giving is coming, so happy holidays, or work day, or shopping day!  Whichever you do, have fun.  (I'll be working)
Added a few chapters to go along with the prologue. Any feedback is welcome. Enjoy and thanks!