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Sounds like you’re going to need to set up books signings Mister! Might I suggest starting with Vroman’s?

Dear Fine and Very Patient Readers!!

Books are coming, but so sorry to have to report another slight delay in the shipment of some of them. 

Here’s what happened -- I received 6 cartons of books to be signed and returned to Inkshares so they could then send them out to all who pre-ordered. I signed the books, boxed them up and sent them back. But in the process, not one, but two SNAFUS occurred!! 

SNAFU 1 - two boxes of books got lost in transition. Yep, just vanished!  Thanks USPS! Good work!!

SNAFU 2 - Some signed books did make it to Inkshares offices but there was a label mix-up and they were sent to the backers of another book! (The very fine The Knight Proper, by Adam Greven and Matt Deller -- check it out if you get a chance). 

So...here’s where we are -- the signed books that made it are being shipped tomorrow -- Tuesday August 9th. Unfortunately this is only half the amount, the other half being either lost or sent to the wrong place. But...good news: replacement books are on their way to Inkshares. They want to just ship them ASAP so they won’t, unfortunately, be signed by yours truly (if you are in the LA area and want a signed book, I’m happy to oblige -- or if you want to send me a copy, I could do that and send it back!!). 

So sorry for this delay. Physical books will be in your hands soon. If you’re still waiting after about a week, please feel free to email Elena at hello@inkshares.com 

Don’t forget eBooks are readily available to read now but I understand many of you prefer physical books (as do I) so sit tight...They are coming!  

This will be quick!  You know when one of those dorks is on some awards show and forgets to thank a bunch of people?  Well, my bad here too. Yesterday I thanked a bunch of folks, and I was so focused on getting appreciation out for the actual production of the book, I forgot to mention a few very important people.  So pardon me, but I’m going to rectify this situation right now!  To Mom and Dad who are no longer here, the book is dedicated in your honor. Also to Sam, who has put up with a lot (Let’s move to Malibu! I’m taking up Surfing!! Get a Beagle, they said...Get two!!). Thanks to my big sister Jane Gallagher, my big brother John Pomerance, my stepmother Paula Diamond, who has always provided literary inspiration, all six of my nephews, Uncle Leo, all of my cousins, and all of their kids, Aunt Marlene, and to Sidney Sherman, a most extraordinary manager who has been there through thick and thin.  Okay, that’s it!  Now on with your day.

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Thanks Joni!
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Great job Jason !! very proud. This is the first book that i purchased on funding mode to make it into my kindle, and will start reading soon. CONGRATS !! 

Ah, the moment we’ve all be waiting for!! Here is the real book!! 

Okay, now that I’m done sobbing, let’s get to the thank you’s. Can’t tell everybody how amazing this is, and now I will try to express most sincere thanks as well as humanly possible.  

So here goes. First, though, a short background of how this long, strange trip began. Women Like Us had a go-around with publishers when my TV/Movie agent at the time gave the manuscript to a book agent in NY. She loved it, and was just certain -- really one hundred percent certain! -- she was going to sell it. So out it went to a big bunch of publishers and while it came close in a couple of instances, the agent turned out to be wrong! Imagine that. Anyway, I ended up doing some revisions, had a parting of the ways with said agent and then was on the verge of a go-around looking for new representation when I read about inkshares in a piece on Deadline about its deal with UTA. Right around that time, an old friend was visiting, just as I was debating whether or not to give Inkshares a try. I gave her three chapters and was curious to see the reaction -- would she want to read more? Or not? Well, she did, and it pretty much inspired me to give this a try, and so first let me thank Kate Funk for the encouragement to just go for it and launch the campaign to get the book published. Also, I need to thank everybody who jumped on board in the pre-order phase. This wouldn’t have happened without you and I can’t express enough my appreciation. 

Now let’s talk about the book itself. Marcia Parlow’s cover -- front back and spine -- is just beautiful, and I can’t thank her enough for all the hard work that went into getting it done. Thanks also to Claudia Domenig for the picture that became the cover, and thanks to Steven Murashige for making me look somewhat decent in my author photo! Thanks also to my two wonderful blurb providers, the hugely talented and generous authors Charles Dickinson and Joseph Asphahani. Meanwhile at Inkshares, can I say a word about Angela Melamud? Can I say more than one word? Angela has been so patient and kind and helpful through this entire process. She answers numerous questions (sometimes daily, sometimes stupid) with what always feels like a smile. I can’t thank Angela enough through all the editing and production. And Matt at Inkshares for the marketing advice, and Adam for legal (although Adam did make me take out the recipes section!). Over at Girl Friday Productions, the folks that did the nuts and bolts of putting the book together, thank you to first Bethany Davis and then Jaye Whitney Debber. Both of them, like Angela, have the patience of saints!!  To all the other Inkshares authors who have provided support, I thank you all most sincerely too -- you guys are amazing and just to name a few: Amanda Orneck, Matt Sobin, Landon Crutcher, Billy O’Keefe, Joni Dital, Tony Valdez, Ricardo Henriquez, Peter Ryan and more!!  If you haven’t checked out their books, do it!

So I’m going to get started signing books.  Soon they’ll be in your hands, and if you’ve already dipped into an eBook I hope you’re loving it. One last request to everybody: as many of you know customer reviews are critical on Amazon so I’m providing the link to the Amazon Page. If you’ll scroll down to the ’write a customer review’ section’ and give it some stars and maybe a line or two, I’d so appreciated it. And it hopefully will get the book into even more hands. So that’s it for now. Again, many, many thanks.

Here’s that Amazon link:


Quick note to backers who received eBook for iPad, Kindle or Nook:  Inkshares has sent a new version of the eBook because a couple of small errors were spotted after the conversion from the final digital proofs to the eBook file. If you’ve already downloaded and started to read, no worries -- I’m probably the only person who will notice anyway!! However, if you haven’t, please use the new version. 

Thanks, all!!

Hey!  Happy Friday!  Wasn’t going to post until the book was in your hands, but there may be a very short delay in the production schedule so just to let you know delivery date should be by August 1 latest on physical books. It will be earlier than that for those who ordered eBooks -- they should arrive on schedule for download.  Stay tuned -- also because I’m working on a longer update where I thank profusely everybody involved in making Women Like Us a reality but I just don’t have that ready yet.

In the meantime, marketing efforts have kept me insanely busy. Looks like the book will be on shelves at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, Book Soup in West Hollywood, and Skylight Books in Los Feliz. Hoping to get some more stores on board.  The book will also appear on the book shelf of the blog Chicklit Central, and I’ve done a guest blog post for Fiction Dreams.  Here are links to both blogs.



It won’t show up on Chicklit Central until about November, but that’s no problem because the holidays are great for book buying.  A third and possibly fourth guest blog post are in the works too, and there might even be more after that. Phew!!

That’s it for now. Sit tight -- books coming very soon. Of course once it’s out there, I’ll be asking everybody to go to the Amazon page for the book and leave a brief review and however many stars you feel you want to give (5 right?). The number of Amazon reviews is critical for boosting sales, but more on that later.

Hope you all every a terrific weekend, and Happy Reading!

Hey! I don’t usually update this often, but couple of pieces of news to share.

First if you like fiction about the dirty underbelly of Hollywood (and who doesn’t) please check out notorious Hollywood columnist Nikki Finke’s site, Hollywooddementia. Why? because she has published my novella Falconer, which is about a nasty piece of work named Gavin Falconer! It is appearing in four parts, with Part 2 up today, but if you follow the link to the site you can catch up on Part 1. It would be cool if you leave a comment on the site as well, preferably saying something nice. Or not! But also so cool is the artwork by John Donald Carlucci that accompanies each installment. He is extremely talented. So go read. Here’s the link:


And now marketing news. In case you missed the current issue of The Malibu Times (what, you don’t have a subscription??) this little piece appears on Page 19. 

Part of Women Like Us is set in Malibu (with most of the rest in Pasadena), so small independent papers in those areas have been targeted and see? The effort pays off. A blitz of small independent bookstores is currently being planned. Hopefully more news on that soon.

Okay that’s it.  Go read Falconer. It’s very different from Women Like Us, and quite frankly it’s not for children, so shoo the kids out of the room!

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@Richard Saunders thought that might be the case!  I’ll take ’em where I can get ’em though!

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