A blog post about why I’m still doing this!

I wanted to share with everyone this blog post explaining why I’m still going on in this contest, and my backup plans just so you know!

Here’s the short version:

You should support Far Flung because it will get done. I have a plan, and I’m following it now, but if I can get a 50-80 additional pre-orders within the next two weeks, you know what happens? My plans get accelerated drastically and you get Far Flung and all the books that follow a lot sooner (hey, remember Bound in Shadows? Don’t worry, I do).

I hope you will pre-order!

Order now, get a nice little promo for your work, and get a great sci-fi novel!

Egads, I had no idea how bad that message would look!

Sorry about that.

Short version: there was a raffle, I picked a random number, and awarded a gift card to Dave Barrett, author of It’s All Fun and Games.

Next Raffle at 100 pre-orders! Cheers, and sorry for the pixelated nightmare!

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Hey thanks! :D

The first raffle winner is ...

I used a random number generator:

and my incredible campaign tracking Excel list.

I got the number 15 back from the generator and it turned out to be:

Congratulations! An Amazon gift certificate has been delivered!

Will there be another? Yes - at 100 pre-orders. Let’s make it happen!

(edited to remove pixelated nightmare)


I’ve had some more supporters lately and it feels great! We are one supporter away from 50 unique readers - one of those 50 gets an Amazon certificate!

You’ve probably received an email from me by now, and I hope you will support. You’re going to get a great sci-fi book out of this, but only if I get enough pre-orders! We need 30 more at least - don’t forget the contest ends on October 9!

The big THANK YOU list is growing on my blog herehttp://bit.ly/2w3CjM1 

Have I missed anyone? Please let me know!

Thank you for your pre-orders!

First of all, a heartfelt thank you for all the pre-orders. I really can’t do this without you, and I’m so glad for all of the help!

We still need a lot more orders to secure third place. You’ve already done so much, but if there is one friend or family member in your life who you can try to convince, that would be so awesome!

There is one more focus character in Far Flung who I’d like you to meet. The reader sees this being at the very beginning of the story, and there are chapters throughout the book featuring this unique point-of-view.

Asar, Kryannian Scientist

Asexual / Non-gendered, 75 Earth-years old

Appearance: Roughly spherical grey-black body with four legs on the bottom, four arms and a rounded beak on top. Each limb is greatly articulated and ends in three sharp claws. Often wears a glossy black suit with two large green eyes in the center of the body. 

All Kryannia are born with a primary brain and four extra brain stems surrounding it. As an elder, Asar’s secondary brains are now fully developed, granting the being immense intelligence. Asar is respected and revered by many of the Kryannia for his intellect and inventions. Asar designed a prototype device to capture enemy ships – it was intended to divert starships as they activate their FTL drives and force them to appear at Asar’s location. Instead of capturing the enemy, however, Asar captures an antiquated colony ship full of curious bipedal beings. Though the capture was an extremely unlikely fluke and was not Asar’s fault, Asar takes the blame and assumes the role of protector for the humans. Asar becomes determined to communicate with these humans and guide them towards a new home.

More orders, more characters

Thank you to my wonderful supporters!

I’ve had a few more supporters come in to the fold. Click that link above and you can see the updated list of supporters along with the previews I’ve done and what’s coming up!

I’m almost through my big email list - a couple more days ought to do it. After that, another outreach to my blog followers and some Facebook friends need a little nudging.

Anyway! Another character profile - let’s find out about Security Chief Dexter Holloway:

Holloway was a General in the Martian Protection Force, a team assigned to police and protect the Mars Colonies while the colony governments were taking shape. As Chief of Security on the Tereshkova, he expects his future life policing the colonies in Tau Ceti to be much the same – responding to a few major incidents, but mostly dealing with domestic squabbles, minor accidents, and the occasional fistfight. Instead, he is forced to take charge as Acting Captain when the Tereshkova’s captain is killed, and must lead the crew of castaways through hostile territory. Holloway’s journey will have him learn to harness his military training when the ship is in danger. However, he must also learn how to maintain peace both with alien species and among the human crew.

More Pre-orders Trickle In!

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

I know e-mail campaigning can be a tad annoying, but I am so happy for the people answering the call to action!

We’ve had a few more pre-orders come in in the last day - and that’s not including the extra orders from the syndicate!

I will add you all to the big list of authors and supporters, and put you in line for shoutouts on my blog and Twitter!

Once we hit 50 pre-orders, someone is getting a $40 gift certificate! I will choose randomly from everyone who has ordered.

All right, I wanted to do another character profile, so today you get Engineer Dena Lee!

Dena Lee, Engineering Expert

Female, 27 years old

Outspoken, sometimes rude, a risk-taker

Looks a bit like: Grace Park (Boomer in Battlestar Galactica)

Dena Lee is an engineering prodigy working under Chief Engineer Dennis Park. Convinced that she is more qualified, Dena often clashes with Park, barely concealing her desire for a promotion. After an attack by an unknown force, she soon regrets her ambition as she is forced to take charge of maintaining the Tereshkova. She’ll learn just how far she’s willing to go to help her friends and the colonists aboard the ship. With her husband, security expert Hayao Akiyama at her side, she is determined to see the Tereshkova through the coming battles.


We’ve been syndicated! I just got the notification today - Far Flung is part of the Great Sci-Fi Syndicate, with members Daniel Lee, Zack Jordan, Matt Sobin, Brian Guthrie, Juan Schmechel, James Rasile, Jacqui Castle, Ferd Crôtte, Tal M. KleinKevin Szurek, and Matthew D. Dho.

Here’s what the Syndicate had to say:

The SciFi syndicate is thrilled to support longtime Inkshares author TCC Edwards. Chris has been a great presence in the Inkshares community. He did amazingly well in the Launchpad competition with two entries in the Top 75, and Far Flung in the Top 50. Far Flung is an awesome concept and we hope it moves to the top of the leaderboard in the crowdfunding portion of the contest!

My thanks go out to the Syndicate, and I am honoured to have Far Flung listed with such works as Mechcraft, Human Resources, and Rise!

Let’s do the syndicate proud and get this book funded! I can’t do it alone, but I will do what I can and I need you to as well!

The previews keep coming! I will continue to update the "Thank You" list and preview queue at this link.

I try to get two per day, but I’m sure you’ll understand if I fall behind now! I may have to leave some for after the contest, but they will get done. Don’t be afraid to ask me to bump your preview up in the queue if you have a deadline coming - I can do minor changes to the order if you have a good reason!

More character previews coming! But first, I have a whole bunch more emails to send ...

Not in the Top 50 any more.

So Launch Pad released the list of Top 25 books, and Far Flung is not among them. Also the response to this campaign, despite my best efforts, has not been stellar.

For my followers who have not pre-ordered: I urge you to please do so!

There are over 100 followers - your support can make the difference!

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