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You did it! (Jumping up and down waving hands wildly - it’s not a pretty sight, so we decided not to show the video)

100 Inkshares authors are following this "Idea" and have expressed interest in submitting one or more entries.

This project stands an excellent chance of winning a Full Fledged Inkshares publishing package, due to the following two reasons:

1. The sponsors, Mykl Walsh and Richard Saunders have already demonstrated the ability to achieve this goal. Their unusual book (Click Here)

was released in December. It is one of the few Inkshares books that have cracked the Barnes & Noble problem. It is in a few B&N store locations so far and we are working on expanding into more.

On March 12, from 12 to 3 PM, Rich Saunders will be appearing at the Burlington, Massachusetts B&N location. For more info on this book see (click Here).

2. The second reason is that around 12 to 15 Inkshares authors will have a story, essay or poem in the book. They will share in the income stream and will get a royalty advance. With the combined unrelenting power of ALL of these authors working to generate pre-orders, it is almost guaranteed to reach the 750 pre-order level!

We hope that everyone who believes in this project and submitted an entry (who don’t make the cut, this time), will also help us by recommending the book to their followers. 

If this is successful (and we firmly believe it will be), we’ll start soliciting entries for Volume II as soon as we reach the funding level for this one.

Quill is NOT out goal. 750 pre-orders or bust!

So get cracking on your entries! We have received several already and the competition will be tough.

Thanks for all of your support and good luck to everyone here; with this and with your other Inkshares projects!

Kindest regards,

Mykl & Rich
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We recently reached 95 followers. This is different from other projects at the "Idea" level in that we are only looking for writers at this point.

Other Ideas get more followers because they generally are soliciting both readers and writers - having this many writers interested in the project is awesome and should ensure that we produce a high quality book.

Once we hit 100 writers who are interested in submitting an entry for the anthology, we’ll set a deadline three months out.

Pass the word around one final time and we’ll break that 100 mark and move this forward!

Dsc 4986 1 C. Brennecke · Author · added almost 7 years ago
Any news? Should we rally for 13 more followers?
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Good question Vincent,

As stated earlier in this thread - you maintain copyright ownership and the winners agree to not publish their entry elsewhere until one year after the publication date of the anthology.

Once the winners have been announced, any and all works not selected for inclusion become immediately available to the author without restriction.

Winning authors may describe their winning entry and share a paragraph or two if they wish with their followers when we move to the funding stage.

The beauty of this project is that we will all have help getting to the 750 pre-order level with the winners and other supporters pitching to their existing follower / backer base in concert.

This also creates organic cross-promotion potential , giving the winners a nice opportunity to grow their base through exposure to the combined community of backers - similar to what occurred to a lesser extant to the winners of the Sword & Laser and Nerdist contests.

This should be even better because all winners here will share a piece of a common project. It has Great synergistic possibilities and is likely to result in generating pre-orders for your individual Inkshares projects in addition to the anthology.
Furio t 05 Greg Chen · Author · added about 7 years ago
Hey Rich, another question... can authors share this work with their followers/backers?
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It doesn't have to be perfect and will be edited. Too many mistakes or sloppy writing will (of course) work against its ability to stand out from other entries. Tread carefully in between those regions and err on the side of high quality (is my suggestion).

Furio t 05 Greg Chen · Author · added about 7 years ago
I'm keen to get something submitted.
Does it matter if I make changes later on?
I suppose even an anthology will be copy/developmentally-edited right? so not crucial to have a perfect submission?
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If anyone is interested in becoming a "Secret Agent" for Journey, see the link below. I can send you the pdf version if that helps.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Great - Thanks Elan, Christine and Vincent!

Hope this lights a fire under everyone else to get moving!
Furio t 05 Greg Chen · Author · added about 7 years ago
Aye sir Captain! I'll put the finishing touches to mine and will get it to you on the weekend... LLAP
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