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@Mary Parry these are great! I love ’Vote for Sadie’

Sadie Fans - we need your help!

We’re considering a title change for Sadie McGrady, Leading Lady. Good titles help clearly convey the story’s plot to potential readers. If you haven’t read our story, you might assume the book is about acting - despite the fun play on words describing our young leader. Take a look at the sample mock ups below and vote for your favorites. Help us decide which title works best by replying with your favorites! The design may be changed, so focus more on title wording.



Thanks for your help - stay tuned for the announcement of our publication date, coming soon!


Read the full manuscript on our Inkshares page!

Sadie Fans,

We did it! With your amazing support and savvy sharing, SADIE MCGRADY, LEADING LADY has reached 1,000 pre-orders! Go ahead, do a happy dance and jump for joy. This was no small feat. After a few months of editing and revising, this empowering picture book will be available via Amazon, through major bookstores, and in independent bookstores. Sadie will get her chance to inspire young readers, thanks to you. Stay tuned for publishing updates and please continue spreading the word to grow awareness about this spunky, new candidate. 

As you talk to friends about Sadie’s success, let them know that orders can still be placed using our Inkshares link: 

With gratitude,

Mary & Corey

Sadie is on Facebook and Twitter - spread the word!

Sadie Fans,

With only 7 days left to reach our goal, we only need 78 more book pre-orders to make sure "Sadie McGrady, Leading Lady" is published and available nationwide before the 2016 general election. 

If you already purchased one copy for yourself, consider purchasing a second copy for your local school or library. If you already purchased your limit of 10 copies per reader, consider e-mailing our Inkshares link to a list of friends and asking them to help this empowering, new picture book published! If you’re aren’t sure how many copies you have already ordered, send me an e-mail and I can check that for you, no problem.


  • Books are only $10 during this crowd funding period.
  • Each reader (by email account) can support this project by purchasing up to 10 copies.
  • "Sadie McGrady, Leading Lady" needs 78 more orders to trigger publication.
  • These 78 orders must be received by February 29, 2016.
  • The publication process will take 4-6 months, making books available beginning in the summer of 2016.

Our Inkshares Link:

We’re in the final stretch! Thanks again for your help making sure this book becomes available for lots of little leaders across the country.

Mary (

P.S. You can find this project on FACEBOOK and TWITTER for easy sharing!

Sadie fans, we’re on a roll! With 2 weeks to go, "Sadie McGrady, Leading Lady" has reached 825 pre-orders. We’re nearing the finish line with 175 pre-orders to go! There are more than 300 people following this project. With your help, we could surpass our goal in a hurry. If you haven’t yet, please think of a few friends who might be willing to support this project, then make a direct ask. 

Feel free to copy and paste this wording:

"Friends: please join me in supporting this new picture book (for ages 4-8) about a girl who runs her own campaign for President of the United States. Sadie helps kids explore what it’s like to be a candidate and an elected leader. I love that the main character is a girl! During February, you can pre-order this book for $10/copy (purchase up to 10 copies/customer) to help this project reach its goal of 1,000 pre-orders. I really want to see this book published. The deadline is February 29, 2016 and over 800 pre-orders have already been placed. You can help by placing your own order and/or sharing the project link with your friends. The link is below - you can also follow along on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for considering!"


Be on the lookout for new images on Sadie’s Inkshares page over these last two weeks of crowd funding. 

Thanks and Happy President’s Day!

Mary Parry & Corey Williams



Dear Sadie Supporters,

With your help, over 700 books have been pre-ordered - thank you! With only 21 days to go before our crowd funding deadline, please take a few minutes today to reach out to your family and friends across the country who may be interested in helping "Sadie McGrady, Leading Lady" become published and available via Amazon and bookstores nationwide. 

  • We need 300 more pre-orders to reach our goal. 
  • Each supporter can order up to 10 books for $10 each.


1. SEND AN E-MAIL to your friends, letting them know how much this project means to you. Ask them to pre-order and to help spread the word about our upcoming deadline within their own network of friends, teachers and librarians. Be sure to include the link to our project page for more details and ordering information.

2. SHARE OUR LINK ON FACEBOOK with a note about how excited you are to see a book like this one become published. 

3. SHARE OUR LINK ON TWITTER tagging people or groups with interest in books like ours. Be sure to tag @Vote4Sadie and ask your friends to follow along! #Vote4Sadie


Stay tuned for more frequent updates as we near our crowd funding deadline. I will be working hard to spread the word and really appreciate you doing the same. Keep up the great work campaigning for "Sadie McGrady, Leading Lady!"

- Mary

P.S. If you haven’t checked out our Inkshares project page in awhile, scroll down to the full manuscript and look for new images from the book. More to come! 

Read what Chapel Hill Magazine is saying about "Sadie McGrady, Leading Lady!" This book will be published when 444 more orders are placed. You can purchase up to 10 books during the crowd funding phase which ends February 29, 2016! Thanks for sharing with your friends and family across the country. Together, we can help this book become published and available nationwide before the 2016 general election.  ~Mary and Corey

Exciting Updates about "Sadie McGrady, Leading Lady": New Deadline, Media Coverage, and Inkshares Review-a-thon Day (TODAY)!

1. Our crowd funding deadline has been extended to February 29, 2015 - keep up the great work sharing the news about "Sadie McGrady, Leading Lady." We need 470 more pre-orders to kickstart the publishing process. Ask your friends and family to support Sadie by buying up to 10 copies. Send a quick e-mail to your contacts with a link to our crowd funding page and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter too.

2. Media Coverage! With 2016 presidential primaries fast-approaching, we're gearing up for an increase in media coverage for "Sadie McGrady, Leading Lady." Corey and I were both interviewed for a piece that will be included in Chapel Hill Magazine next month! We have some national coverage leads as well. Stay tuned by following this progress on social media and be ready to share articles as they are published. If you have connections to local or national media outlets, please feel free to share our press packet.

3. Today is Inkshares Review-a-thon Day! Please consider going to our crowd funding page and leaving your own review of "Sadie McGrady, Leading Lady." Why is it important to you that this book become published and available for girls and boys nationwide? If you're on Twitter, let your followers know about your review and use the hashtag #InksharesReviews to take part in today's discussion.

Everyone who leaves a review on December 19th by 6pm ET will be eligible to win one of several fantastic general prizes, including:

  • An immediate pre-order of the book of their choice for five winners!
  • $30 in Inkshares credits!

Happy holidays to each of you - thanks so much for your ongoing support! 

Mary Parry & Corey Williams 



Sadie fans, I need your help to make sure this book gets published and into the hands of today’s girls – tomorrow’s leaders! We have 54 days left to sell 520 more copies of “Sadie McGrady, Leading Lady” and kickstart the publishing process. That sounds like a lot of books, but Sadie has 244 followers on Inkshares. If most of you find 1-2 friends to become Readers (1 book order) or Super Readers (3 book order) we’ll be sure to reach the goal and get published. Books are only $10 during the crowd funding process. Once published, Inkshares will increase the price.

 Please take a few minutes right now (before the holiday rush) to e-mail a few friends and ask them to invest in this book. Share our Inkshares link and let them know that “Sadie McGrady, Leading Lady” will be available via Amazon, major bookstores and independent bookstores by early-summer 2016 as our country’s general election is heating up – a great time to talk to kids about what it’s like to be a candidate and what it’s like to be President of the United States.

New on our Inkshares page – you can now read the full manuscript. Many of the photographs are still being processed, but you can get a good idea for the feel of the book from the images on our page. We’ll share more photos as soon as we can! They're really fantastic (no surprise, since they were captured by the talented Corey Williams).

 We need your help to get to 1,000 so thanks in advance and stay tuned for updates!


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Mary, I think you should stick with the $10/1000 plan! It's a great deal & I think you will make your goal.     
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