I've just uploaded the actual cover for my Novel. Come check out the great work of Melissa Berg!

Dear readers, or fellow adventurer's if you prefer. I have restarted my project and entered the sequal to the Inkshares sword and laser contest. I have been blessed by your willingness to follow through on an unknown author and unpublished work. All pre-order's have been canceled, and I am again asking for your loyalty and support as I move forward with To Kill a King. 

Thank you. for all your support. 

Dear readers!

Inkshares made the announcement that they will be starting a sequel to their Sword & Laser book series. I am considering re-entering the contest. It would mean cancelling all my current pre-order’s and restarting. I know this means calling on your commit and support to back my book again, but the pevious order’s will all be cancelled. I would be entering ‘To Kill a King’ and continue with my new line of edits.

Before I make that decision, I would appreciate some feedback, your thoughts and comments are very appreciated.

 You can reach me here: jodhanford@gmail.com

Or here: www.jodhanford.com


Dear readers:

First off, please accept my apology for being so inconsistent with
updating this blog, and thank you for your patience. I know many of you
have been waiting to hear from me; and no I have not vanished.

Speaking of updates, I am happy to inform you that a new chapter is ready and either has been or will shortly be posted. I also continue to make minor edits and adjustments to the text of the story as I progress toward the goal of publishing.

In addition, I will be participating in NaNoWriMo (National November
Writing Month). I expect to be focusing my creative efforts on writing
short stories for another project, as well as the continued tweaking of

Please stay tuned for more regular updates to follow this one. Thanks again.

Hello readers, how about a contest! I have an exclusive short story that is part of a collection I am going top publish. If yo my loyal friends and followers can help me reach 50 pre-orders I'll email it to everyone whose backing me? Want a taste of something else in the world of Rule of the gods? then help spread the word.

Good morning reads! Okay I made some changes, so sue me! No, not really but it's sounds so confrontational, something my main character would say--if he were in a good mood.

I am writing this to let you all know about changes.

First, I changed the title from To Kill a King to Kingslayer. I made this change as I was working in book 2 and 3. Since this is a trilogy I felt that the name's of the title should progress together and this change reflects the names of the squeals: Renegade (Book Two), Eiharijar (Book Three).

After this change, I restructured the chapters so the read smoother, essentially making better scene breaks.

I also decided to lower the mature rating of the book from mature to pg 16. I hope this will help new and old readers feel free in following the narrative. The scenes in question are still there and intact, I just changed the descriptions and details.

Last of all I have uploaded a new chapter! Anyone else interested in finding out who this General Abriel is?

Thank you for following along and I hope you dig in to the new post. Please feel free to comment and share as you read. I love feed back, both the positive and the negative.

Oh the love! 41 readers, and 25 pre-orders. Thank you, THANK you from the bottom of my creative being! Even this small following brings me great joy and hope for finally being in print!

I want to thank all of you for your support. I also wanted to give everyone a heads up that I posted Chapter 4. This project is near it birth and I am so exited with the response so far and hope that I can continue to intrigue, entertain and fascinate you all. Please feel free to share your thoughts on my work;any and all comments, thoughts and nitpicking is welcome. Now that I am putting this out there, I desire to know what you guys think and feel about my work. Especially the characters and their personalities, motives and authenticity. I'll keep you posted when chapter 5 becomes available. Thank you gain.

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Sorry friends, I forgot to put in the prologue. So there it is! I also felt chapter 1 ran to long, So I broke in two. I re-posted what was there before with the new chapter numbering. Enjoy.
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Hey fellow writer's/readers I forget to say that comments, suggestions and thoughts are more than welcome even at this late stage of book development, I am open to reader input. My first book is finished and I'm just tweaking it. Chapter two will up two or Friday for your reading pleasure. Book two and three are still in the works. Thanks for your support and interest.
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