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Try Devil in a Blue Dress, haven’t read it but looks fascinating and described as noir 1940s with a black war veteran, I really want to try it now!

Hey everyone! I have been quiet again, but I have not been idle. Round two of editing with 

I’m plotting book two. Editing one of myshort stories. And taking some time to actually read. Maybe you gys can help me out. I have wanted to read old, and I mean older than sixty years, Hard Boiled Detective Novels, circa 1940’s. Maybe some of you are into that’s era and genre. Please send me some suggestions, this is an area that I  am rather unacquainted with. 

Thanks again. I will be posting some updated material soon. 

Greetings all! I wanted to let everyone know that I have been hard at work on to kill a king. Iv’e been quiet with updates, but I have not been idle. I have been working through the editorial assessment from John Robin’s I have just put put up the new Prologue. I hope you enjoy it. Feed back would be lovely and more than welcome. I am encouraged to see other author’s get the recognition and publication they so richly deserve. I hope to follow after them soon and I continue to strive to that goal.

Good reading and good writing dear friends.

Last updates: done. Chapters compiled into one file: done. Word file sent to John Robin over at DONE! Listening to Bach has kept me sane through last few days and more hours that I want to admit to!

 This last week was full of crazy writing. A personal best. 29 pages, 9307 words written. Took most of the week for one scene. It kept growing and growing. Time for a short writing break, before I edit. After this I have one last scene to finish later in the story then it's of to

I hope you all have a great weekend.

 16 pages into the new scene. I was supposed to be done today. But it grows as I write it. A new character materialized in the story from no where.  

The end looms near, both for the revisions and my crowdfunding here.

I am still determined to continue towards publications. Updates will continue and so weill my work with

Made it to 70 readrs today. WooHoo! Thank for the continued love and supprot.


Finished revision through to the epilogue! Feels great to see the story take on it's true character. Now it's coffee time and then back to more writing.

What did  someone tell you that writers actually get breaks....

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I have a newsletter set up for my readers at This will be the easiest way to keep up ith updates and new chapters. And best of all...It's free!

I hope everyone enjoyed my updated chapter 1. It will be up on my site soon.

have a great day and keep reading!

Dearest readers, backers and devoted followers! 

 Happy New Year!

 As some of you are aware, I got the cover done. Thank you so much Melissa berg!

 Over the last few months I have fallen in love with, this is a free editing tool every writer needs!

 I have been delinquent with posting a new chapter(S). "Tis the season”, is an excuse I am loathe to use, but I am anyway. 

 Expect some improved differences (I hope) today when I put up the new chapter 1. I would love to hear some feed back.

 I have begun working with John Robin on a structural / developmental editorial assessment, through his Story Perfect Editing Services company. You can find out more with the following link.

 As my project on inkshares dwindles down, I realise part of the reason for my lack of success, is lack of participation, updates and consistency with putting up chapters. I will be improving on this with the support of John Robin and others.

 For those faithful few who are still wanting to see this work publish, you an follow me on my website and twitter.


Thank you all, and good day!

I want to help out a fellow author. This story sounds intriguing. let's help give it life.

Attention, fans of epic fantasy! With only fourteen days remaining and 100 copies left to order, this book needs your help!

Storm of Fury by Andrew Wood is an epic fantasy novel set in a war-torn land besieged by its own god. While avoiding a seemingly endless web of political schemes and plots, a young man must overcome his own lack of skill to confront his deity.

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