Ladies and Gentlemen, 

We are 26 orders away from Quill, and that is just amazing. This entire campaign has been above the projection and now we’re going to make guaranteed publication with this last push. So, what does that mean? It means soon we’re going to have some amazing art, amazing donation to charity, and then we’re going to go for the big goal, because we can. Just like this dog.

We totally got this, so let’s just blast this goal and head for the next goal!

Sweet Dreams,


Good morning Dreamers!

This is most glorious weekend. As I get ready to move across this great country to San Diego (I’m being stationed on a destroyer out there), I can’t help but compulsively check on my project. There are 214 pre-orders! We are so close to Quill and we’re still beating the projection! Guys, let’s do it. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell how many orders are left for the Quill goal, so let’s just all order one to be on the safe side. Yeah, it might say you’ve already ordered one, but computers are tricky, so let’s all just dig deep and get juuuuuuuust one more. 

Also, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for this amazing ride. We’re almost there.

Sweet Dreams,


Hello Dreamers!

Well, will you look at that? Over 200! 

We are so close to Quill I can’t believe we are just 48 orders away from publication and we’re just under three months left! Just like I mentioned in a previous update, I am releasing another chapter.

If that wasn’t all, and it already is plenty, Christopher Irvin, the author of Wrestletown is helping with cross promotion and will feature The Sleeping Man on his blog! If you haven’t checked out his work, you definitely should. 

The artwork is still coming along for The Sleeping Man and we are above the projected line. I am thrilled beyond words. If you haven’t yet, please pre-order and get me to Quill, recommend, and share!

Sweet Dreams,


Good morning Dreamers!

I hope everyone is well, I hope everyone is safe, and I hope my friend recovered from being attacked by a pack of wild dogs he thought he saw (he was... extra sober). We have officially hit the one month mark and are sitting at 193 pre-orders! I tell you what I’m going to do about it, as I’m currently fist pumping and typing one -handed, which is taking forever. I am going to release a chapter at pre-order 200.

The second bit of news is that I’m partnering with S. J. McCune of Millicent Barnes Comics for some artwork. I’ve followed his for some time off kickstarter, bought some amazing artwork which is now framed on my walls, and could not recommend in independent artist more highly. Check his work out at or comixology under the name.

Thank you again for your support and let’s get these last pre-orders for Quill!

Sweet Dreams,


Dragon Nell Walton · Author · added over 7 years ago

Good morning Dreamers!

Well, I’ve had quite the weekend. I have two huge elements of news that are equally important in different ways. I’ll go in the order of why I’m telling you. First, The Sleeping Man was June’s pick for the Epic Fantasy Syndicate! Having one syndicate pick is amazing, but having a second bathes me in a warm light. Secondly, I got promoted and had my daughter pin the new rank on: 

The support and interesting for The Sleeping Man is amazing and I cannot thank everyone enough. Now we just need to push to Quill, and there is plenty of time. A guest blog post, interview, and two syndicate picks can’t be wrong, so pre-order now! Pre-order again! Recommend! Share! Ride forth!

Sweet dreams,


Good afternoon Dreamers,

It is time for a non-update update. Thanks to the shares, recommendations, reviews, blog posts, interviews, syndicate pick, and pre-orders, The Sleeping Man has sold over 162 copies! 163 to be specific. This means we’re still above the projection to reach the goal of 750, and we’re definitely going to hit Quill. I’m constantly giving cards to my daughter to give to strangers (I ain’t above it and who is going to refuse her?), matching with people on Tinder and demanding they pre-order, and saying, "Bloody Mary" fives times into every mirror with my tablet in hand so she can pre-order.

It’s working, because we are crushing it. So many people are buying more than one copy as well and I cannot thank you enough for that because the numbers are going crazy. If you haven’t left a review, I would appreciate one. If you haven’t recommended The Sleeping Man, I would appreciate that as well. Lastly, if you haven’t pre-ordered, please pre-order. If you have pre-ordered, please pre-order again, here’s a list of useful things you can do with extra copies:

1. Hold a copy in each hand and read one with each eye to see which one is faster.

2. Create a book fort to protect your dreams.

3. Level a table.

4. Give one to someone you like.

5. Give one to someone you don’t like.

6. Check to see that each printed copy is the exact same and there are no discrepancies between copies.

7. Launch several into varying directions in space to teach aliens the English language.

...And many more!

Thanks again,


Good morning all!

This weekend has been a wild ride of networking at Awesome con DC, which has already started to pay off, but will continue to I’m sure. The campaign itself is going extremely well, and the actual orders are beating the projection still. Right now we have a hundred days left for the whole campaign, and we’re a hundred orders away from Quill.

I cannot thank everyone enough for their support, and if the rest of my reader list pre-orders, we’re made and The Sleeping Man will publish! What are you waiting for, an Elizabethan-style invitation?

Dearest Reader,

I hope this letter finds you well. It has been many days since this campaign has begun and many more to go, and I find myself gazing wistfully o’er the morning greens wondering as to the location of your most important pre-order. Will thou not placeth thine order on the site of web hosted by the sharers of ink?

Ever at your service,

Stephen Carignan

Good morning Sleepyheads (still haven’t thought of anything better),

Well, I didn’t think I would update you so soon, but here I am because the Awesome Train keeps dropping off packages of Awesome, and I’m all like, ’This is too much Awesome,’ but the Awesome Train Conductor is all like, ’You better make room for all this Awesome.’ Then I’m like, ’This metaphor is too long,’ and the Conductor is all like, ’You’re right.’

The Sleeping Man was the Quill Syndicate’s pick for June! My homepage now has a shiny new badge on it and when the sun catches it just right it reflects onto my face like a halo.

This is right in the wake of hitting 125 pre-orders, which means I’m halfway to Quill. I’ll update shortly with all this news, but a huge thank you to all the support. Don’t forget my article is at

Sweet Dreams,


P.S. In the time it took to write this, we went up to 126 orders. #CrushingIt

Well, I’m currently at the DC United game, but I just couldn’t wait to tell everyone that my interview is live on at

This is an amazing opportunity for more exposure so a huge thank you to Alicia! 

As far as the pre-orders go, we are still crushing it above the line at 121 orders. I really think my suggestion about cornering people on the street is working and I’ve even gone to a new length of matching with people on Tinder and telling them to buy my book, just check my facebook, I can’t show you from my phone.

Thanks to the support so far. Keep sharing, recommending, and ordering (since the copies are signed, get one for someone you don’t like and I’ll write whatever you want).

Sweet dreams, 


P.S. let’s go United!

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