So a resentfully, sober dwarf, an uncontrollably, honest goblin, and the world’s ugliest human walk into a dungeon...

Want to know more? Check out Too Many Controllers ( an anthology of some of the nicest and most talented authors I know that I am lucky enough to be included in.

Apologies for the lack of snazz in this update.  It’s the curse of mobile!

As a thank you to all your support during the campaign to bring Rise to publication, Inkshares sent out a gift of $10 credits to use in another contest.  I’ve contacted many of you through the Book of Faces, but just in case I missed people, I’m sending this little announcement out.  They expire on Monday, 16 May 2016.  Most of those I have talked to did receive the credits but there are a few who did not and I’m not sure why.  Still, it doesn’t hurt for you to look.  And, if you have them, I could think of at least one way you could use them by Monday night.

After Man!

In other news related to Rise itself, I’ve seen the final copy sent to the proofreader and it looks amazing.  This thing is so close to happening yet still so many months away.  Stay tuned for news regarding a small release party at or around DragonCon in Atlanta, GA the week leading up to the convention.

Finally, many of you have been asking about the sequel to Rise, Fall.  Some of you have noticed on my author page it lists a certain draft named Fall and asked why you couldn’t go follow or preorder it yet.  The reason is I haven’t quite finished prepping the page for public viewing so you can follow it.  It will not be available for preorder until closer to Rise’s release date of 13 Sept 2016.  Stay tuned.

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Wow, this book really impressed me. You can tell straight away that the Author has a talent for writing. Great opening to the story. It’s hard to imagine something as simple as paper and pencils being such a rare commodity. When I read a book I want to be taken away to a completely different world, and this Author has achieved this for me. There were moments in the story that tear at your soul, like having one of your family members get sick with the plague, and then to be taken away so you never see them again. A stand-out for me is the detail the Author has put into each of the characters, and how very unique some of them are. This story does have you thinking, if our world did come close to the brink of destruction, what would be left, how would we live. Brian Guthrie has certainly taken me on quite a journey, and there aren’t enough words to describe how much I enjoyed this book. This is a must read.

So I got the clean final look through back from the editor before Rise goes to the proof-reader!  Moving right along.

But this update is not about me.  I’m taking a short step out of the world of After Man to help a friend and very good author get his book successfully through the preorder stage and on to full publication production.  Find out more below.

A God in the Shed by JF Dubeau

There’s a project that’s nearing its funding goal that I’d like to bring your attention to. It still needs a little over 180 pre-orders to get full funding on Inkshares. I think it’s worth your attention and I hope you’ll agree. Check it out:

A God in the Shed by J-F Dubeau is a Fantasy/Horror story set in the forgettably small village of St-Ferdinand, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. The villagers have been hiding terrible secret for generations, but when their mysterious captive escapes but gets inadvertently trapped in the McKenzy’s backyard shed, it’s up to the Venus and her friends to figure out how to dispose of this terrible and malevolent burden; an Old God of hate and death.

You can find out more about this dark and beautiful, read sample chapters, reviews and pre-order you copy of A God in the Shed by visiting:

You can listen to the prologue as read by Ageless author Paul Inman here:

Need more incentive?

  • Each pre-order enters you into the ‘I want to kill a reader’ raffle. The winner will have his name and likeness used in the book as a minor character that gets killed off. The author will work with the winner to find the appropriate means of demise to satisfy both the winner and the story.
  • Each physical copy of A God in the Shed will be signed and numbered as an exclusive first edition item.
  • Free, exclusive A God in the Shed bookmarks will be included with the physical copies and mailed to eBook supporters.
  • Orders of three or more copies guarantees your name to appear in the Patrons list printed at the end of the book.
  • You get to enjoy the satisfaction and pride at having supported both art and literature.

Today’s the day!  It begins.  Preorders for my next novel After Man have begun as has the Geek and Sundry Hard Science contest!  I find it amusing and small worldish that this novel is appearing in this contest because of my experience meeting Geek and Sundry’s founder at Dragoncon in 2012.  Maybe I’ll share it in a future update.  I doubt she remembers it.

Sometime here over the coming few days, I’m going to start posting Casey Adler’s personal logs from her investigations.  These will contain clues that will be revealed later in the story as she investigates the epidemic of violent crime you see being hinted at in Chapter One.  I’ll also be posting case files and other pertinent records to help you, the reader sleuths see if you can solve the mysteries to come.  (Spoiler: there’s a suspected murder coming!)

As followers of Rise, I’ll let you in on a recruiter bonus I’m offering to people who bring in the most people to preorder After Man.  The top two recruiters will each be given an opportunity to help craft part of this story.  Number One will get to help create a character who plays a pivotal role in the sequel and who makes an appearing in the denouement of this book.  They also will get to have an exclusive interview with myself and my awesome wife who helped me form this idea into a story.  Any questions allowed, spoilers abound.  Number Two will get to help create the setting for the final sequence of this book.  I’ll give you a few pointers on what is going to happen and you get to help create the setting.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get your copy preordered then get that referral link and get going!

Time for another update!  Short and to the point.

1.  You are awesome!

2. Rise is out to various media types for reviews!

3. Still looking at a release party before Dragoncon.  Those within driving range or attending the con and arriving on Thursday stay tuned for details.

4. I’m doing it again!!  I have a new project in the pipeline ready to participate in the upcoming Geek and Sundry Hard Science contest.  This story was the brainchild of my wife and I.  It was the novel I first completed Nanowrimo with way back in 2011!  So, you’d think I’d be all set for it.  But, as with all things like this, draft one was...not up to snuff.  So I’m reworking it over the next 8 weeks to have it ready to go by the end of the contest.  And it’s only going to be 50K words!  Nice after the 155K Rise clocked in at.

5.  This is not a "funding campaign".  I want to dispel that right off.  Inkshares fronts the lion-share of the cost for production and distribution.  I’ve seen the numbers so far.  The preorder money only took the top off that total.  So, what is this instead?  It’s an opportunity for you to pick what the industry publishes and a chance to get a limited run first edition autographed by the author when it arrives instead of someday down the road!  And there are lower thresholds to win a contract now: 250 for a light, but still physical distribution contract and 750 for the whole shebang Rise got.

6.  Still reading?  Go to to check out the new project and if you like it, please follow.  You’ll be able to pre-order starting Monday, 4 April 2016, and I hope you will come on board and support this one just like you did Rise.  And remember, you don’t get charged until it reaches the preorder goal!

7. You are awesome!

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Thanks so much @Brian Guthrie ! This is EPIC support. May Branakataurai soar in strength!

Another update for you!

Enjoy your extra day in February.

Brian Guthrie

Here’s an update for you!

Enjoy that Super Bowl thing you may have heard of and remember those of us overseas who might not see it right away when you start posting spoilers on social media!

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@Kate Amedeo Thanks, I hope you enjoy the story!
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