Greetings, all!

Just a quick update to let you know that, if things are a little quiet on my end, it’s because I’m grinding through one more edit of the Terminus manuscript before turning it in. Really frenzied stuff. Nothing like the support of 336 readers to get the juices flowing again!

This weekend I’ve finished a brand new Sully chapter, explored the woman that Catherine Verana was when she was still alive, and really shored up the first half of the story. Onward to the climax! Gotta strike while the inspiration is flowing and give y’all the weirdest, funniest, most heartbreaking tale that I can. Here are some sneak peeks from the newest chapter:

Back to the madness! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! Cheers!


Greetings, lovely people!

I’m excited to announce that Terminus is officially part of the Quill collection and is now IN PRODUCTION!!!!!!!

I should hopefully have timeline details for you soon, but in the meantime check out the shiny, new site! I’m especially fond of the section showing the 218 (!!) readers who made this book possible. You all are absolutely amazing.

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, the price has dropped to $7.99 for an ebook and $13.99 for paperback. You might not get the cred of being an OG backer, but you still get all the mysterious spirits, dead rock stars, and twisted little tragedies! Tell your friends!

Also, a warning to anyone reading along, I’m planning on pulling down some of the sample chapters that are currently posted. 13 is a wee bit excessive, so I’m planning to drop it back down to 5 or so within the next few days (enough that readers still get to meet Sully, of course). Hopefully this will make it more enticing for new readers and I can weave in some new content during this big editing push.

Now comes the waiting, but I plan to keep posting expanded content while Terminus is in production. Explorations of the other towers, more character analysis, maybe even bits of the sequel as inspiration comes. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see or know, hit me up. And, since there have been quite a few requests for it, I plan to again summon up my liquid courage and do more videos. ;)

For now, though, a bit of a rest might be in order. (And editing. But also rest. And then more editing.) This has been an exhausting process, but every time I started to flag, you all were there with comments and support. My head tends to get stuck in the dark places (with a whole book o’ death, who woulda guessed?) and you all have done SO MUCH to pull me out of myself and remind me that, sometimes, dreams do come true.

Thanks again, y’all! And good luck to everyone currently campaigning!

Have a great week!
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Jaye Milius puts together a book trailer while schnockered way better than I ever could!
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Go Jaye!
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Congratulations girl!!!!!! 

I’m sitting here gaping at my laptop. I have no idea what to say. I wanted it to be eloquent. Gracious and insightful. But... uh... my brain seems to have... melted...




I look forward to sending another update soon with more info on where things will go from here. For now, I plan to spend the upcoming three day weekend locked in a room with the manuscript, giving it the best polish that I possibly can. You’ve all gone out of you way to back me, so I want to make sure that the draft is as shiny as can be. More ghosts! More weirdness! More partying with strung out rock stars! Maybe even a little saving the world(s).

Thanks so much to everyone who has ordered in the past few days. As of my last update on Monday, there were still 31 more orders to go. Three days later and we’re there! Y’all don’t mess around!

A special shout-out to Michelle Morone for picking up the last SIX copies to put Terminus over the edge! Also, gotta give a shoutout to B - my rock, my sounding board, my partner is this weird, old life thing - who has held me in a snuggly vise-grip while I laughed and cried my way through this last push.

I have a TON of other people to thank. This community, man... it’s just amazing. And all the friends and family and co-workers who have come out in support... I love you guys.

See? I’m doing the overcome with emotions thing again. I briefly went live on Facebook (before my weak connection cut me off) if you’d like to see this giddy breakdown in action. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to redirect some of this brain splatter onto the page.

Whooo! You guys are amazing! I can’t thank you enough!


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It’s payday tomorrow so I nabbed #251, congratulations on reaching Quill!
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OMG!!!  Woohoo!!!
Congratulations, J!!!

Good morning/day/night/evening!

Facebook has reminded me that I started my first Inkshares campaign for Terminus one year ago. It was a complete false start, totally my own fault, and it didn’t get more than twenty orders. (To those of you who supported it the first time around, your patience is legendary!) After the campaign ended, I curled up to nurse my wounds, but the personal support that I’d gotten from other writers and the amazing Inkshares staff convinced me to come back and give it a second go. 

And now we’re only 26 orders away from making my publishing dream come true! It’s you that have gotten me this far. Maybe a weird, black-humored book written by a depressed and insecure nerd shouldn’t have gotten anywhere... but thanks to you, it has 224 pre-orders and has been recommended 45 times! The goal is so close. I’m freaking out. But, like, in a good way? 

I haven’t made it yet and am certainly no expert, but I’ve been thinking about why the first campaign failed. I’ve been lucky enough to get a lot of great advice from a lot of wonderful people throughout this process - who I won’t name for fear of forgetting someone, but if we’ve traded messages, know that it has helped me immensely! Hopefully, if I sketch out a few thoughts, it might be able to help someone else along the way. 

- Spend time building a following in draft stage:  My eager self initially opened pre-orders on day one. Not a good plan. Those 90 days will fly by faster than you think, so build an audience before the clock starts ticking. 

- Invest in a good cover:  We all know how important it is to catch the reader’s eye. My first attempt was something that I threw together with my meager Photoshop "skills," so when one of my Tumblr friends approached me and offered to do it properly, it was a huge relief. Definitely worth the small fee to put my fate in the hands of a professional. This is a cover that I’m proud to share and having a strong image really does put your best foot forward. (Check out his work at!) 

+ 2000% swag

- Make it personal:  I feel like I’ve gotten to know a lot of you through your author updates, which really makes me feel invested in your campaigns. I also definitely recommend using the Inkshares reader pipeline and template messages. Every new follower gets a short introduction and mini-pitch. I also do this with Twitter followers. It’s amazing how many people will check out your book if you just ask them directly! 

- Explore other projects:  I’ve had to limit myself to supporting two books per paycheck - haha! - but community support is what makes this hybrid publishing thing work. Even if you can’t afford to order directly, reviewing and recommending projects is free! Also, even when I’m fried at the end of a long workday, I can still scroll through Inkshares and Twitter adding interesting-looking people and following their projects. Many follow back and will check out your project in turn. 

- KEEP GOING:  Crowdfunding a book is exhausting. I was completely unprepared for how much work it would be the first time around. Constantly checking your phone for email alerts will make you feel completely neurotic, but when you go a few days without an order, it’s not the end. I also try to make one Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr post per day, either sharing a recent review, a quote, or a teaser. I like doing a daily image, a quote or plot point over a pretty stock photo ( has some great ones that are free to use). Of course, you don’t have to make one every day. I tend to make them in batches and send them to my phone, so even if I’m busy, I can find a moment to post one with a link to the project. 

I’m going to cut myself off, here. I have to finish getting ready for work and, like I said, I really don’t know much of anything at all, but maybe there’s something in this ramble that someone can use. It’s been a hell of a year, a hell of a ride. Thank you to everyone who has helped take this from a failed first campaign to an almost-maybe-possible-success! 

224 orders, 26 more to go! This dream is so close to coming true. Maybe you want to be one of the knights in shining armor who pushes it over the finish line? [batts lashes] 

I’m also a DM away if anyone wants any more mad advice. There are some great campaigns going on and I want to see as many of us succeed as possible! 

Cheers, y’all! May your words be plentiful and your campaigns finish strong!

Greetings, y’all! Happy Monday! (uuuuggggghhh)

How are things going with Terminus?Couldn’t resist ;)

I do have some big milestones to report. Over the weekend, Terminus hit 300 followers! There are now 305 of you lovely people! That’s a hell of a lot for a weird, little book about death.

There’s also only ONE MONTH LEFT in the campaign. Exactly 31 days to get 31 more orders and guarantee publication! Inkshares was kind enough to grant me an extension previously, but no more. This is it. The final push. Do or... well... die.

31 in 31 seems doable, right? That’s what I keep telling myself to stave off the inevitable freakout that comes with any looming deadline. As it currently stands, 188 of you have ordered 219 copies. That means there are a whopping 117 of you who haven’t ordered your copy yet! How, oh how, can I convince you to help make this dream come true? Should I mention that ebook copies are only $10? Should I urge you to look past the surface subject matter to find the humor within? Should I do a little dance? I totally will, if that’s what it takes!

If you haven’t yet, I hope you’ll take a look at the page and the author video where I (very awkwardly and somewhat drunkenly) make my pitch. There are quite a few chapters posted for your perusal as well. To everyone who has already ordered, THANK YOU!!! Publication is just out of reach and, thanks to you, I’m optimistic about our chances of making it to 250. If you could continue to spread the word, I’m sure we can get there!

Hope you all enjoy the week ahead! Cheers!


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