Friends the Write Out Loud Syndicate is live!!

If you know what a Syndicate is, I encourage you to join and help me support the LGBTQIA writing community.

If you are not sure what this is, I can tell you that a syndicate is a way in which every month you can help an author gets published, by pooling your resources with other like-minded readers and pre-ordering their book. There are two tears: $10 for an e-copy or $20 for a signed copy. Not bad eh?

So you donate $10 or $20 every month. We all as a group decide what author to support and when the author hits funding that book will eventually make it to you.

Inkshares is a fantastic way to support the LGBTQIA community and allies. We need more books with characters breaking barriers and stereotypes and this is the way to do it! (at least one way.

So please join me!


Hello Friends

As you may know, Inkshares is more than just a platform for authors to raise funds and get published; it is also a community where many aspiring authors share knowledge and support each other through the process of writing and finding a way to publish.

Inkshares launched recently a feature called Syndicates, which are groups of people with similar interests pooling their resources to help the efforts of a different author every month. By supporting an author, you also get a copy of their book!

Here is the description of Syndicates from Inkshares: 

“It is inspired by the syndicate structure on AngelList. Members can come in at the "electron" level for $10 per month, or the "atom" level for $20 per month. The syndicate lead then works with members to choose a book to support on the 15th of each month. Orders are then placed on behalf of each member. Electrons receive an ebook. Atoms receive a print-book.”

You can find full details in the FAQ section of Inkshares.

I think that a syndicate could be a great way to support LGBTQ aspiring authors and allies who feature characters breaking stereotypes. So I will start a syndicate called Write Out Loud.

I will be hosting an online Facebook event this Friday (cause they are the hot thing to do these days) previous to the launch of the syndicate to inspire friends a family to join. 

I want some of the work of other LGBTQ authors and allies currently on Inkshares. So if you think your work would be a good fit for this syndicate, let me know and I will share a link to your book (and maybe an excerpt from your book) during the event.

I kept the even private because I want it to be a safe space for all participants. Send me your e-mail address if you want an invitation

I will launch the Write Out Loud Syndicate On March 4th, at 6 pm, I invite you to join.

Facebook event here

Hello friends!

This update is not about me.

 I want to ask you to please support fellow author Byron Gillan. His Book The Children of the Forest is 3 days away from ending its campaign and just 12 copies away from hitting funding. 

I know we can help him pass the 250 copies he needs to start the publishing process. I bought two copies, because I wouldn’t ask you to do something I haven’t done myself.

So please, click here and support this awesome book.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Dear friends, we have a publication date!! You will probably get your signed copy earlier, but the official release date is November 8th, 2016.

Part of me would have loved to pull a Beyonce and just "drop" the book without announcement surprising the whole world. But until I get to Queen Bey status I will be promoting this glorious date non-stop!!

And don’t forget, if you haven’t ordered your copy you are missing out!

Have a fantastic week!

Hello Friends

I was waiting for the book’s release date to be set before sending my next update, but that seems to be taking a little longer than expected. So, in the meantime, I’ll share the latest regarding the production of The Catcher’s Trap.

Last week I had my kickoff meeting with my Production Editor at Girl Friday, Bethany Davis, and Marketing gurus Avalon Radys and Matt Kaye from Inkshares. I’m not going to bore you with the details of the meeting. The following GIF represents my feelings afterwards.

If everything goes according to schedule, the book will be fully edited by mid-June. After that, there are many other pieces to the process, including the whole marketing side, which will be another four months, at least. My hope is releasing the book in November, but, at the end of the day, is not up to me.

What I can tell you is that there is a dedicated group of people working hard to make sure  The Catcher’s Trap is a great book that you will enjoy.

I also met my developmental editor, Ryan Boudino. Ryan is an author and has a lot of experience with the fantasy genre. So I think we are going to make a good team.

This is all incredibly exciting and still hard to believe. There are so many people to thank, including all of you, but especially those who went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure my book funded. You know who you are and, trust me, your names will be printed in the book’s acknowledgment page.

If you want to read some of my writing while you wait for The Catcher, follow my project Ysolda and The Coven of Fire. I will be adding chapters regularly to gather plenty of feedback before I go into funding mode (it will be a long time before that)

Lastly, there are over 100 people following this project who have not pre-order the book. I encourage you to do it. If you are hesitant, and you want to learn more, or if you are an author and you want to make a swap, reach me at


Have a fantastic rest of your week.

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Thank you Christopher that means a lot.
Me 2015 square Christopher Leone · Author · added over 6 years ago
Had me at the first sentence! Man, it’s amazing how important that first impact is and you nailed it. First chapter is great, I actually have to STOP reading this to go do my own work.

Hello friends

I wanted to share my new writing project. I decided to start a serialized story on Wattpad called Ysolda and The Coven of Fire.

In case, you are not familiar with this platform. “Wattpad is a writing community in which users are able to post articles, stories, fan fiction, and poems, either through the website or the mobile app.” Also, it is free.

Ysolda and The Coven of Fire is a prequel to The Catcher’s Trap, and it takes place over 100 years before the events in the book.

Here is a quick description:

“Ysolda leaves her family and her modest life behind to travel through the magical and dangerous world of The Mist in search of the Coven of Fire. Her quest for power and adventure will place her at the center of prophecies that will re-shape the future of her world.”

Here is the link.

Please check it out, and feel free to leave feedback.  

I’ll be adding new chapters weekly.

Have a fantastic week!

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I'll add that tip to my next infographic :-)
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Haha! Looks about right! (Pssst -- as a writer, proof your spelling, but don't wait till "Halfway through the" CAMPAIGN. ;)
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