Hello Friends

Today you probably received an e-mail that looks like this


I’m sure you are jumping just like Oprah’s audience. I know I am.
As the e-mail explain, if you still live in the same house you did when you ordered the book, there is nothing for you to do. Just sit tight and wait for your copy of The Catcher’s Trap to arrive in the mail, very soon. 

Once again I want to thank you for your support. This is a dream come true and, I know it in my heart, just the beginning of many great things. 
So what is next you wonder? 

I’m taking my show on the road! I don’t have all the dates yet, but I will be speaking at several libraries in Connecticut and doing book signings, so far, in three bookstores. I won’t spill the beans on events without a confirmed date because I am extremely superstitious, but here are the dates that are set. 

North Haven Barnes and Noble: Thursday, November 10, 6 PM

Hamden Public Library: Sunday, November 20, 2 PM 

You can also hear me live at Horror Happens Radio on Tuesday, October 25, at 8:15 PM 

The next step in this journey we are taking together is reviews. I need to get as many reviews as I can on Amazon and Goodreads in the next three weeks, so as soon as you get your copy, start reading away and then share your thoughts with the world. 

That’s it for now
Have a wonderful weekend

Hello Friends

In a couple of weeks, you will be holding in your hands a copy of The Catcher’s Trap. I am so excited and grateful for the opportunity you all gave me to share my work and my creativity with you, and I truly hope you enjoy it.

Once you read The Catcher’s Trap, I encourage you to share your thought. Leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Post about it on social media. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool.

If you are in Connecticut or close by, join me for the release and Book Signing party on November 10th at 6 pm, at the North Haven Barnes and Noble. Details here.

As The Catcher’s Trap make its way into bookstores across the country I will be concentrating my energy on my other projects, so communications through this channel will dwindle.

I hope you choose to continue following my journey as an author and follow the two projects to which I will be dedicating more of my attention.

The first is The Catcher’s Trap’s sequel Worlds Walker. You can’t pre-order Worlds Walker yet, but if you follow the book, you can get chapters in advance and news about the writing and production process as its move along. Follow Words Walker here.

The second project you may have heard about. My funny and scary drag queen zombie saga Bad Medicine: Slay it, Queen!

Yesterday Bad Medicine was selected as the book of the month by the Snarky Darksy Syndicate. This was an amazing surprise. I had no idea your humble drag queen had been nominated, and the news made my day.

Bad Medicine: Slay it Queen! is competing in the CryptTV contest, and it currently sits in second place. Please help me finish this contest on top. Get your copy today. Getting the $10 e-book or the $20 paperback helps me the same. So please support at any level you can. Order here.

Penny-Lane and I want to thank you for staying by our side through all these months.

Have a great weekend!

Dear Friends

I have news to share with you. The most important one is a slight change of plans in the release of The Catcher’s Trap. We have decided to delay the release of the e-book, so it is out closer to the book official publication day. The Catcher’s Trap e-book will be available on October 21.

Originally, we were planning on releasing the e-book on October 8th, but it doesn’t make sense to release the novel an entire month before the physical book, when trying to maximize the marketing efforts. You have already waited over a year, and I thank you for your patience. The book will be in your hands before you know it, and hopefully, you’ll love it.

I also want to share with you my interview with WNPR. I was featured as part of a new series of immigrant stories, where I talked about coming to the U.S. my struggles as an immigrant and the story behind my first novel The Catcher’s Trap. If you want to learn more about yours truly, click the link below.

WNPR interview

Finally, I want to ask for your support once again. You are the people who made The Catcher’s Trap happen, and I appeal once again to your big heart to help me win the CrypTV horror contest. I’m currently in second place, and I need your support to make it to number one.

Please get a copy of Bad Medicine: Slay it, Queen! You won’t regret it

get it here

Have a fantastic week!

Dear Friends

There are many exciting news in the world of The Catcher’s Trap. As the official publication day approaches, media interest is ramping up, and the details for the release party are getting sorted out.

So first mark your calendar. The Catcher’s Trap is out in bookstores on November 8th, the release party is on Thursday, November 10th at 6 PM at North Haven Barnes and Noble, 470 Universal Drive N, North Haven, Connecticut. You can RSVP by sending me a message or in the Facebook event.

RSVP here

Yesterday I had an interview with Connecticut NPR as part of a special series on immigrants living in Connecticut. It was a great opportunity to talk about my story, my struggles and the path to my dream of becoming a published author. I will share the link to the interview when it airs in mid-October. I have a couple of more radio engagements lined up and several interviews with blogs and a newspaper. All very exciting stuff.

It is going to be a busy fall for your friendly neighborhood nerd-author. I’m so looking forward to that!

Finally, please remember you can help make another dream come true (I know, I have no shame) let’s help this high heel lover, machete wielding, fabulous drag queen get into bookstores. Get a copy of Bad Medicine and support my efforts to win the current Crypt TV horror contest at Inkshares.

Order here:


Hello Catcher enthusiasts!

I’m writing to you from cloudy but beautiful Niagara Falls.

There is not much news about The Catcher’s Trap; we are still putting together the final design touches so we can send it to the printer. You’ll have a copy in your hands before November 8th.

In the meantime let’s talk about my campy and terrifying new project Bad Medicine: Slay It Queen!

Bad Medicine is currently third in the Crypt TV horror contest, and it needs your help to slay its way to the top. So please consider pre-ordering a copy and helping me make this novel a reality and, who knows, maybe a TV show.

Order here.

There are two things I’m doing to make this campaign fun. First, I’m working with several artists developing illustrations for Bad Medicine. I’m giving them little direction because I want to see what they come up with. This is the first one by the talented comic artist Bartolomeo Argentino.

Very Tina Turner meets Rainbow Brite. I like it!

I’m also giving readers the chance of becoming a character in the book. 

Pre-order a copy of Bad Medicine, send me your drag-name and enter a chance to be one of the queens battling the hordes of zombies in New York.

Yesterday we had our first winner, and her name is Red Redwine!! (AKA Miss Christine Brennecke)

Red Redwine is a classy queen from Philadelphia visiting New York for a classic Hollywood convention. Red gets caught in the mayhem of this poorly timed zombie apocalypse while getting ready to perform a Bette Midler tribute.

That’s it for this lovely Saturday morning. 

Have a great rest of your weekend.

Hello, friends!

Exciting news and chance to win big…well big-ish

The big news is I entered the Inkshares’ Crypt TV Collection contest with my horror comedy Bad Medicine: Slay It Queen.

Here is what the novel is about: The Walking Dead meets Ru-Paul’s Drag Race. An up-and-coming drag-queen faces a poorly timed zombie apocalypse. Can she wield a machete and still look good in Jimmy-Choo?

The idea for this novel has been haunting me for a while and when I saw the announcement for the latest  Inkshares contest I had to go for it


Now the prices!!

A novel about drag queens needs…you guessed it, drag queens, and YOU, my friend, could be one of them.

Pre-order a copy of Bad Medicine then submit to me via commenting on this post, e-mail or twitter your drag queen name and enter the chance of becoming a character in the book.

Winners will be selected randomly every Friday. A total of 8 winners will get to put on their heels and walk the fictional streets of a zombie-plagued New York City.

Your drag-name can be whatever you want. There are drag queens called Sharon Needles and Hedda Lettuce, and others called Bianca Del Rio and Lady Bunny. Absolutely up to you, but if you need help coming up with a name, just take the name of your first pet and the street where you grew up. In my case that would be Bambi Sargento, which sounds like a dominatrix with a softer side, right?

Let’s have fun; I want to see your drag-names, and I want Bad Medicine to become a reality. I call that a win, win, win situation!


Have a fantastic Labor day weekend!

Hello friends

It has been a while, I know!

Here is a recent picture of me so you know I’m still alive.

There is a lot going on but let’s start with what you signed up for, The Catcher’s Trap. This week we are putting the final touches on the cover so the book can, finally, go to the printer on August 30th. Just writing that gives me chills.

You will receive an e-mail with access to the e-version of The Catcher’s Trap on October 8th and the actual book around November 8th. Then we’ll embark on a new quest: reaching 100 reviews on Amazon! (I’ll let you know more about that when the time comes)

On other equally fun fronts. This weekend I’ll be at the Connecticut HorrorFest, so if you are in the area come and visit me. The legendary George Romero will be there, plus many other horror icons. And… talking about horror. I’m writing a campy horror novel called Bad Medicine: Slay it Queen.

Bad Medicine is the story of an up-and-coming New York drag-queen faced with a poorly timed zombie apocalypse. If the idea of a zombie-slaying-machete-wielding drag queen sounds interesting to you, please check out here. You can read the funny and scary first chapter. You can also follow the project for updates.

Finally, I want to bring your attention to another author’s project. Through the video game writing contest that just ended I made a new friend, the talented Jamison Stone. Jamison not only have given me great advice to promote my book, but he also wrote a very kind blurb that will go on the back cover of  The Catcher’s Trap.

“I don’t normally read horror, but could not resist Henriquez’s debut novel. Upon reading, I was reminded why I normally shy away from this genre—The Catchers Trap is truly terrifying. However, what kept me coming back, despite my palpable fear, was the profoundly deep inner journey of Andres, the main character, and his personal transformation during the course of the novel. I have to admit, however, that in-between reading sessions I did have to hide The Catchers Trap in the freezer. So, my one suggestion, before you start reading, make sure you have plenty of room in YOUR freezer. While I cannot promise this will keep you safe from Henriquez’s truly terrifying writing when it is time to close your eyes and go to sleep—you will at least be safer.” —Jamison Stone, author of Rune of the Apprentice

Don’t we all love the Friends reference?

I was lucky enough to read his book Rune of The Apprentice, and I can tell you that if epic fantasy is your thing, this is a must read. The book is available on Amazon so go and get your copy.

That’s it for now, folks. Have a fantastic week and remember:

“The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen, and we call them miracles.” The Doctor.

(Picture: Halloween night 2001)

Hello friends, family, and fellow authors

We are three months away from the release of The Catcher’s Trap and this humbling journey continues to fill me with joy.

Last week Out Traveler’s editor, Brian Van Gorder, had this to say about my book: “In his fast-paced and tense first novel, The Catcher’s Trap, Ricardo Henriquez introduces us to an entirely original, richly detailed universe filled with strong, well-developed characters trying to survive their nightmarish new world. Sure, there are plenty of horrible monsters lurking on every page, but it’s the glimmers of joy found in the despair, the humor poking through the inhumane, that may just be the book’s cruelest beasts.”

As I read his words, I couldn’t help to feel emotional and reflect on the past 15 years of my life. On October 2nd, 2001 I arrived in the U.S. like many other immigrants: full of dreams and hopes for a life of unlimited possibilities. During my first 2 years, I rented a small bedroom where everything that I owned fitted with room to spare. I worked as a waiter from noon until 1 A.M. 6 days a week while learning English by attending free adult education classes, reading children books and watching Will and Grace.

Those days were hard. Money was not enough to live comfortably and, as time passed, I started questioning the decision of leaving my country.

Fast-forward to August 2016. Thanks to the love and support of many, many people, today I’m writing to you, my readers; friends who either cared enough about me to pre-order a book that didn’t exist yet, or strangers who read a couple of chapters and thought they would take a chance on this weird fantasy/horror idea.

Mister Van Gorder’s words not only made me reflect on this journey and feel thankful for all of you. They also gave me much-needed fuel to continue working on The Catcher’s Trap sequel, Worlds Walker and continue pushing to make sure my book is a success.

So there are two things I will do in the coming months:

  1. I will start a campaign to get The Catcher’s Trap to sell 1000 copies before its release day (November 8th)
  2. I will finish writing Worlds Walker before the end of the year.

Both goals are bold. But I feel energized and ready for them.

If you are on this list and haven’t pre-order a copy of The Catcher’s Trap, please consider doing it.

If you are on this list and have not check yet Worlds Walker, check it out here and consider following the project.


Have a fantastic week.

Dear friends

I come to you as the bearer of good news. Very good news!

Blurbs and reviews for The Catcher’s Trap are trickling in, and I can’t be more thankful and proud. I share with you three blurbs that put a smile on my face:

"Ricardo Henriquez’s impressive use of description and storytelling weaves a most captivating introduction of macabre and beauty in his new series. Readers should clear their schedules the day they open The Catcher’s Trap. As soon as they finish chapter one... there is no stopping until the final page has been reached." Alicia Smock, Chicago Books Examiner

“With his debut novel, “The Catchers Trap,” Ricardo Henriquez sucks the reader into a vortex of suspense, sarcasm and stunning detail that is both captivating and thrilling. The novel is engaging to both horror and non-horror fans, with a read that is more than meets the eye.” Christine Bucci-Caprilozzi, Senior Editor for Horror News Network

“The Catcher’s Trap is a riveting story that kept me up reading far too late more than once.  Equal parts terrifying and heroic, Andres’ descent into a nightmare existence and back is going stay with me for a long time.  I hope Mr. Henriquez has a sequel in the works, because I need to know what happens next, and there’s so much more about the Catcher’s world to explore.” Dave Barret, Author of It’s All Fun and Games, and Nerdist contest winner.

As an author I want nothing more than people to enjoy my work. The fact that those who have read The Catcher’s Trap like it, encourages me to continue writing and sharing the stories I carry inside of me.

In other great news, Nerdist and Inkshares announced yesterday at Comic-Con that our anthology Too Many Controllers was picked to be part of the Nerdist collection. What does this mean? It means that Nerdist will put their marketing power behind our project to make sure it is a successful one. This is a great honor that I share with other 14 talented writers.

Finally, just a reminder that in about a month, on August 27th, I’ll be at the Connecticut Horror Fest, at The Matrix Conference Center in Danbury. If you are in the area, come and say hello. I’ll have free advance readers copies of The Catcher’s Trap and other chachkies to share.


Have a Fantastic Week.


Dear Friends

There are only 24 hours left to get a signed copy of Too Many Controllers, the anthology that I’m part of with another 14 talented authors.

As I have told you before, this anthology is participating in the current Nerdist contest. We are in first place, and we want to stay there, so I need you to order a copy right now.

Too Many Controllers is a collection of fifteen short stories across genres, time and realities connected by one theme: video games. We all love video games, or know someone who does, so there are no excuses not to get it.

Order here.

Also, this collection is pokemon free, and I know many of you will appreciate that!

Have a fantastic day

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