Userphoto1 original Jordan E Dickinson · Reader · edited 4 months ago · 2 likes
It has been a joy to read this book while my wife Derry is a beta reader.  I love the sense of place, and the special vibrations and colors of Mrs. H. and Henderson House as an entity.  I appreciate how Bessie Blackwell’s interior prayers come so naturally for her.  Her integrity of character shines throughout.  Thank you for inviting us to such a good and enjoyable read!  (Rev.) Skip Dickinson
Userphoto7 original Jsmthethird · Reader · edited 4 months ago · 2 likes
I’m so proud of you, Mom! Can’t wait to read that new chapter you’ve been working on!!!
Profilepic Nicole Lauren Mills · Reader · edited 4 months ago · 3 likes
Great story!!! 
Userphoto2 original Bremnerettes · Reader · edited 4 months ago · 1 like
Lovely, wonderful story!!!!
Userphoto8 original Nirmani Walpola · Author · edited 4 months ago · 1 like
Bessie is a sweet soul, that warms my heart. She makes me want to travel back in time and meet her, face to face. I wonder what type of advice she’d give me...
Caren mcvicker   small Caren Simpson McVicker · Author · edited 4 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting @Peter J Sterpe ! Who knows which version will end up in the final book? Maybe a combination of the two? I appreciate your insight, as always :)
Userphoto3 original Peter J Sterpe · Reader · edited 4 months ago · 1 like
Really liked Chapter 1, and agree with the commenter who thought the original was better. I was, indeed, hooked quicker by the original. I got a nicer sense of the city from the alternative, though, especially the imagery of the bustle. The alternative seems to want to establish Bessie’s character by describing her job and what a tight ship she runs. She’s substantial, but can the office details maybe wait? Her reaction to the eyeglasses tells me a lot about her; also the fact that her sister makes a lot of the decisions. The mimeograph machines and the not-to-be-called-copy-girls and the career backstory felt a little planned. The original chapter makes me want to read more, and as I do, I’ll be happy to learn more about what makes Bessie tick.
Caren mcvicker   small Caren Simpson McVicker · Author · added 4 months ago
Thank you, @Emily Sinnott  (Betsy!) for reading and leaving a comment. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. One week from today, this lovely story might have a publisher :)
Userphoto4 original Emily Sinnott · Reader · edited 4 months ago · 1 like
This book is engaging and fun to read. Thank you for taking me back to a time and place I’ve never experienced. It’s beautifully written and gives us a blueprint for sharing kindness that is needed in our world today.
Caren mcvicker   small Caren Simpson McVicker · Author · edited 4 months ago
Thanks so much for reading the draft @Pamela Butts and leaving such a wonderful recommendation! It is a rough draft and has some typos - no worries - I’m still revising and hopefully if things go well this week, I will have a real editor through Inkshares very soon! There has been a lot of discussion as to whether or not the story needs more conflict and to date, most readers agree with you. They seem to like the fact that it is a sweet, straight-forward narrative - something we don’t get much of these days. Thank you again for all your support and when the book is finally launched, we’ll need to figure out a book signing in your neck of the woods!
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