It's the holiday season, so that means you are all probably just sitting by the fireplace, gathered with family, wondering what's going on with Nick and Noa's book, Practical Applications for Multiverse Theory. 

 We got our first look at the completely copy-edited version of the book, and it won't be long now before we get to see the fully formatted, and possibly physical manifestation of the book. 

 Speaking of the holidays (segue achievement: UNLOCKED), you know what would make a great Christmas gift? The promise of getting our book in April! Most of you have already purchased the book. 

But if you know anyone who hasn't, or want to purchase more copies for yourselves, please do so. The number of preorders a book gets is a big way that book stores determine how many copies they will order and keep in store. Then you can put an I.O.U. under the tree for you loved ones! 

To make link sharing easy, we've provided the big three below: 


 Barnes & Noble 


 Thanks, and as long as Krampus doesn't reap you and your family this Christmas, you'll hear from us in the new year. 

 - Nick & Noa 

Dearest Followers and Pre-orderers, 

It is with much excitement that we address you today. 

 They say not to judge a book by its cover. We judge books by their covers all the time. LIKE ALL THE TIME. Pulitzer Prize? Don't care, better have a fun title font. National Book Award? If the color palate doesn't speak to us, we'll never read the words. 

 So we're excited to unveil for you today the final cover of 'Practical Applications for Multiverse Theory,' otherwise known as the thing that will people will judge as they decide whether or not to buy our book. LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN! 

 3 . . . 

2 . . . 

1. . .

 LOLZ just kidding that's a dog dressed as a dinosaur. So silly. Here's the real cover: 

 So there it is. Share it with your friends. Make it your profile picture. Print out giant posters of it and slather them to every building in town! Soon, you'll see it start to pop up in places all over the internets where you can buy the book! 

Speaking of which, most of you have already purchased the book. But if you know anyone who hasn't, or want to purchase more copies for yourselves, please do so. The number of preorders a book gets is a big way that book stores determine how many copies they will order and keep in store. 

To make link sharing easy, we've provided the big three below: 


Barnes & Noble


 You'll hear from us soon with some more updates, but for now enjoy the poster! Place it on the ceiling above you bed so you look at it all night! Look at it during your "private" time! Pass out copies of it in Times Square! 

 Thanks, Nick & Noa

Dear Pre-orderers, 

 We were really pumped about getting the publishing process started. We were going to have our own editor! We eagerly awaited to hear from this physician of prose, and begin making our book into something suitable for public consumption. 

 Then we were told the editor's name. Clete. What kind of name is "Clete"? we asked ourselves. Surely no one with that name is suited to be any kind of person that works in the realm of literature. 

 Then we spoke to him. Clete was the perfect fit. Over the next month or so we sent versions of the manuscript back and forth, and damn it if Clete didn't just get our book and what we were trying to do, but he showed us how to make Practical Applications for Multiverse Theory even better. Thanks, Clete. 

 So we're sad that our time with Clete is at an end, but we're excited by what that means - WE TURNED IN THE FINAL MANUSCRIPT FOR OUR BOOK. Then we leaned back and put on our sunglasses. 

 Now the book is being formatted and having some final line-edits done. The cover is being designed. In just days we'll get out first look at our cover design options. 

We're hoping for something along these lines: 

 A quick note - originally the book was slated to be published in hardcover, but after discussions with Inkshares, the book will now be available in paperback and ebook formats. Though we were really looking forward to having a hardback copy of our book, we care much more about getting booksellers to cary the book, which is much more easily done with a paperback book, as it doesn't involve as much risk or cost for said sellers. So, overall it's a good thing. 

 Of course, none of this will matter when either of us wake up from the dream and realize that this whole, "getting our book published" thing was all just a vivid fantasy. 

 Until that moment we'll keep you updated. 


Nick & Noa

Dearest Pre-Orderers, 

 Well, it's done (for the moment). 

 We completed the second draft of the book, transcribed it onto construction paper with crayons, put it in a small row boat, and sent it to our publisher. That may sound strange, but that is what the publisher requested. The publishing industry is weird. 

 But, with the completion of this draft, we can announce the winner of our "Pre-order the Book and Get a Character Named After You" contest! 

Since our story is told from the perspective of both a guy and a girl, we decided to draw both a guy and a girl. 

 The winners, to be immortalized in literature FOREVER, are: JONDA ROBINSON and GEORGE BROWN Congrats to the two of you. We hope you enjoy the cameos your names make in the book. Don't worry, all of you who bought the Advanced Student options will have your names listed in the back of the book still. 

 We'll be posting a new chapter (from Davey's perspective this time) to help satiate what we're sure is a drastic thirst for the story. For now, Noa is going to start drinking and Nick is going to start shoving Donettes in his mouth at an alarming rate. Hopefully we'll both be recovered in time to completely rewrite the book after the editor tells us we should change everything. 

Yours truly, madly, deeply, Nick & Noa

Another week, another update on our book progress. Writing can be hard, mostly because our lives are so busy that we have to scrape and find time in between all the important events in our lives, like the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage and the release of Arkham Knight for all video game platforms. Don't worry though. As eloquent, intelligent writers we are able to have a civil discourse with each other and find a good system for motivation and making sure we stay on track with the book. For proof, see the actual Gchat conversation below: 

 NOA: please help I’ve lost my soul to Arkham Knight 


 NOA: Chapter will be done today. Apologies. 

 NICK: If you get it to me today I will write mine tomorrow morning. No more slipping or breaks or whatever until we're done. This has to be a priority for us to make our deadline. We've both been wishy washy with our due dates. We should send each other reminders and stuff. 

 NOA: ok 

 NICK: Account-a-billa-buddies 

 NOA: no 


 NOA: That's it. I'm done. I quit the book. 


 NOA: I quit 


 NOA: NO. I will not take shit from a man who gets a day-long hangover from one bottle of champagne. 


 NOA: I will not take shit about health from a man I’ve seen clean out a bag of Donettes in under 3 minutes. 


 NOA: I have the same issue with beer. So, I get it. 

NICK: Oh. That's alcoholism, Noa. 

 We're going to lock ourselves in an un-air conditioned shed armed only with an Apple II computer and a dot matrix printer until we finish this thing in shape for submission, or we collapse from the heat. At that time we'll have another sample chapter to share with you. Until then, thanks again for purchasing, dearest readers. 

 - Nick & Noa

Citizens of the Multiverse, 

 You're probably enjoying the respite from us constantly schilling our book on social media, but we did want to give you a quick update on our progress. 

 The first, rough draft of the book was already complete when we posted the book on Inkshares, but we're deep in the midst of rewrites so that we can meet our mid-July due date for our manuscript. And as you can see by the actual G-chat below, we're making sure to go over all the important details. 

NICK: There should be a big football game coming up 

 NOA:  ? 

NICK:  Because for the final bit of craziness I think she should be in her cheer uniform 

NOA: (...nick, you and I both know why you want her in that) 

NICK: And we can show game day banners and clothing in all the different universes 

NOA: She’ll be in cheer-like stuff, but she won’t be in uniform. Because. 

NICK: C'mon. Also it would be good for art and marketing.

 NOA: I agree, but, ugh, such a lame trope. I agree she needs to be in something like that, but not the uniform, per se. 

NICK: Ugh, whatever. 

 We should have something new to share with you soon, but until then, thanks again. 

 - Nick & Noa

Greetings True Believers! 

 Sorry it has taken a couple of days to send out this update email. Upon news that we would be published, we immediately moved into giant mansions. Unfortunately, the people who owned those mansions eventually came home, and called the police, then we were on the run from the law, blah blah know how that stuff goes. 

 We're back now, and as mentioned above, OUR BOOK IS BEING PUBLISHED. 

 This, True Believers, is THANKS TO YOU. 

 Like, for reals. Without you guys there would be no book, just a Google Doc that we off-handedly mentioned to each other every now and again, then got really quiet and sad for a moment before going back to our daily lives. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We can't thank you enough, but in the interest of length we'll stop there. 

 Right now, we've begun working with the publisher (we have an actual publisher that we talk to about our book you guys) to get the manuscript ready for production. The target date for the book to hit stores is February 10, 2016. 

 We'll keep you guys updated with where we're at in the process and what not, but for now we just wanted to say thanks for making this possible and supporting us and books and stuff. 

 Turns out Mariah Carey was wrong. Well, she has probably been wrong about a lot of things (like thinking marrying Nick Cannon was a good idea). But in this case, she was wrong about this: Not just one hero comes along. A bunch of them do. And they make stuff like this possible. Thanks, heroes. 

 Nick and Noa