Dragon Nell Walton · Author · added about 5 years ago
Got the review done - I sent you a tweet with the link.
Dragon Nell Walton · Author · added about 5 years ago
Just finished reading this.  Outstanding - will be doing a review on my site during the next week.  Awesome work!

Hey! It’s exactly 1 year since the end of the first Sword & Laser contest. A year to the day from  when I realized three fundamental truths at the exact same time:

  • I love you.
  • I have to finish the draft of Asteroid Made of Dragons in 2-3 months. (I only had about 18-20,000 words done at that point.)
  • This:

A year into this enterprise! Wow! WOW! (wow)

AMOD is out, and we’re starting to leave the initial ’honeymoon’ period and sales spike - what now? What now? What now? I guess I should write something else, huh?

Thank you all again - I know I’ve said it over and over, but ANNIVERSARY OF THANKS.

Don’t forget to put up yer reviews and nominate me for shiny awards.

There’s been a pleasant flood of new followers here and some purchases (!) so I just wanted to say welcome to all the new people and ’yo’ to all the old people. 


AMOD seems to be doing well out there in the wild - steady stream of orders from book distributors, small book stores, and solid citizens far and wide. I’m doing an experimental con trip to XCONWORLD next weekend to try out this whole networking - selling books and merch ’thing’. I desperately still need reviews on Amazon and Goodreads from you kind people, and if you feel like nominating me for the Dragon Award - that’d be swell too!

Come follow me @gderekadams on Twitter for more constant brain-errata and rap lyrics about Chrono Trigger.

Asteroid Made of Various Information

Hello everyone! This space has been a little quiet since launch - but I wanted to update you on some cool things that are happening, new reviews, wheedle some more help out of you, and talk a little about the future.

  • New review on The Warbler. - "Asteroid Made of Dragons is a self-aware, funny, and action-packed novel that is basically a Dungeons and Dragons adventure in delicious prose. It is absurd and delightful, with a great cast of characters, fun set pieces, and suffused with a larger-than-fantasy-life essence that punctuates every page of the book."
  • My Publisher’s Weekly review, because I’ll never be tired of linking it.
  • Speaking of reviews - I still NEED YOURS on Amazon and Goodreads.
  • Crazy milestone - as of about a week ago, we have sold more books than were pre-ordered, and passed what was the actual pre-order goal without the contest. Probably no one was paying attention to this but me, but I’m super relieved so Inkshares won’t feel like it got cheated.
  • I want to win an award and feel like a fancy person. You can help me do that by nominating my for the first annual Dragon Award at Dragon*Con. YES IT IS A LITTLE ON THE NOSE, I DON’T CARE. Further details here. Being nominated alone would be VITAL exposure for the book, so I’d really appreciate you guys taking a moment if you don’t mind.

And now, the future? I’m bad about planning my life only so far in advance - with big horizon moments, after which there is nothing. The launch of this book was most definitely a cliff, and now I’m stumbling forward a little aimlessly. There should be more exciting things coming up about AMOD and I’ll tell you all about them as they arise, but the life cycle of a book is long. I can’t keep hovering over my various social media channels waiting for news or refreshing Goodreads and Amazon for the umpteenth time to see if a new review has popped up indefinitely. I’m going to a convention in May, that’ll be fun? I’m writing something new and that’s exciting?

Are we breaking up? Is this the end? You have what you wanted out of me, now it’s just awkward conversations and remembering the good times.

As many times as I can, I want to thank you all again. Your support has brought me to a new level, a new leg of this weird-ass writing journey. Expect much less frequent updates here - (unless something CRAZY AWESOME happens) - and come follow me on twitter @gderekadams or on my own blog spell-sword.com.



A God in the Shed is approaching the funding deadline and needs that final push to meet the mark. It’s by my friend/semi-nemesis JF Dubeau (author of The Life Engineered, fellow Sword & Laser Pokemon, etc.), it’s about kids and magics and dark gods crammed into a garage. I’ve ordered it twice, and I WANT TO READ IT YOU GUYS

I have some free download codes for Audible.com of my first novel Spell/Sword. (8 codes remaining at this moment). The first 8 of you that go and back A God in the Shed at any level, I’ll send you the download code as a thank you. YER GITTIN’ TWO BOOKS FOR YOUR MONEY.

Just send me a screenshot of your receipt to gderekadams AT gmail - or just tag me in your twitter notification @gderekadams when you back. They are first come/first served - I hope to give them out quickly. 

Only 7 days remain in the ’God in the Shed’ campaign, and it’s sooooo close to hitting the mark. 



Many, many more here on my blog - click through to see your face if you were there. Or to see what it would have BEEN like if you were there.

Lots more to process and tell about launch week, but I wanted to get these up for all you backers to enjoy.

I was pawing through my blog archives for an old April Fool’s bit  - and I actually stumbled onto something I don’t remember writing. (All too common.) It’s from 3 years ago, after I finished my first book. It’s strange and sort of wonderful to look back and feel like maybe I’ve gotten a little closer to the things I talk about here -- and it’s all because of you.

I Want - 4/25-2013

Like Heinlein said, I want the Roc’s Egg.

I want the leather of my sword-grip to creak as my knuckles go white. I want the lightning to crackle between my fingertips like Egg Shen. I want the Flux Capacitor to ignite as I travel through time.

I want the power, I want the fairy tale.

I want to run down the secret hallway, and slam my rainbow colored key into the console of the Black Lion.  I want to save the universe with Rock and Roll, my electric guitar made of steel and griffon-talon. I want to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of Holmes and Watson clattering by in a horse-drawn carriage.

I want the legend, I want the world of doors.

I want the Master Sword dreaming in the glade, and Excalibur in the Lady’s hand, and Cloud picking up Zach’s sword — his mind all wind and shadow.

I want all the promises that the world is not as it seems. I want Mulder and Scully in a Ford Taurus arguing with the night. I want all the possibilities, the promise of wonder. I want Seven Dragonballs, even if I never get to make a wish.

I want the doors. The endless, endless doors.

I want this world to be not as it is. Or, at the very least, I want the walls of this world to get a little thinner. Thin enough to hear the music from the Universe One Over.

I want to tell my story and I want my mom to get better and I want there to be enough money and I want Emerson back. I want my Beloved to never know pain or doubt, and I want my friends to never know want or despair.

I want to break the rules. I want to undo and shine and defeat and cheat death, cheat life, mashing in the codes on my controller and rolling back the cruel grip of time.

I want to snatch the lost from death’s grip.

I want to not be afraid. Of the Unmaker and its thousand, thousand shadows.

I want there to be more magic in this world, because there is so little — just a tiny, tiny drop.

Such a little thing to shine in the darkness. The secret flame we clutch in weary hands through the wind and rain.

I want the thousand heroes, I want the doors open wide.

Most of all, I want you to help me pry them open.


No reminders or promo-flogging today. Just wanted to share this and say thank you again - for helping a stranger tip-toe down an uncertain path. And I use ’stranger’ here in the way you would ’baker’ or ’potter’ - something I make, not that you don’t know my social media profile.

6 Days to Launch - Updates Various

  • I was on a podcast! [WriteBrain - Episode 18] Hosts JF Dubeau and Paul Inman were very kind to invite me on  - talked a lot of dish about the genesis (ooh, fancy word) of AMOD - the funding campaign, working on the cover design, editing, etc. Also got to talk about some other great campaigns here on Inkshares like The Life Interstellar. Go click and download so you can enjoy my awkwardness and naked neuroses in AUDIO FORMAT.
  • New review from Examiner.com! A respectable 4 stars and juicy blurbs like this: "With subtle hints to science fiction, Asteroid Made of Dragons could be the fantasy version of Guardians of the Galaxy. " NICE.
  • I can’t feel my face.
  • My first two books (Spell/Sword and The Riddle Box) are still going to be free on Kindle 4/5-4/9. That is still a thing that is happening.
  • Are stress ghosts a thing?
  • Oooh, oooh, oooh! Now that you guys are finishing the book, not only can you leave REVIEWS (*cough*) but you can also play the movie casting game I set up a while back - get in there and FIGHT: http://www.thebookcaster.com/asteroid-made-of-dragons/
  • I still love you. After all this time.

We’re almost there, you slapdash wizards of wonder. One year of rocket burn to land this puppy next Tuesday. Bring your cool shades for the Neil Armstrong moment. Thank you - again and again and again.



*deep breath*


*begins to calm down*

First Amazon review by an actual dragon.

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