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Cem (dʒem) in old Turkish means: he who pens dark tales by the light of candles made from the rendered fat of his fallen enemies. Or, you know, just a name.
C. is the author of
For centuries the Wards have protected Earth from the Umbra in secret, but now something has changed that threatens life as we know it.
When Angelique Morreaux is arrested robbing the British Museum, the crown makes her a deal: Sneak into Istanbul, steal the secrets of Ottoman steam power, and assassinate the Jannissary leader and she’s a free woman. If she lives.
30% of homes has a pet cat. There are approximately 15 cats for every 100 people. It is guessed that there is that number again, or more, in feral cats. Once venerated and worshipped, what is turning felines into vicious killers?
Two guys at a superhero con realise together they have a power no one else does when a cosplayer dies: Necromancy
Mary Lloyd is missing and her parents suspect magicals are involved. That’s where Eve Christmas, world’s first Paranormal P.I comes in.
Stephen’s fiance is taken by a madman with power over the dead, a necromancer, who reveals Stephen has the same power.
Scourge: a collective noun for mosquitoes - The mosquitoes are bad this year, especially the giant cross-bred eight-legged mutant variety when they are inadvertently released in a militant conservationist hack. These suckers kill!
A murder during Chelsea’s wedding and new hubby prime suspect. To leave the country club she has to solve the crime.
It’s time for Daniel to take up the mantle of Blood Siren. Except his girlfriend Lucy gets in the way.
Books C. Recommends
Well it is my novel, so of course I recommend it. WotS is my take on one of my all time favourites, Brian Lumley's Necroscope series. Minus the vampires and necromancy. Plus a liberal dash of snarky female MC. But otherwise COMPLETELY the same!
For centuries the Wards have protected Earth from the Umbra in secret, but now something has changed that threatens life as we know it.
Action, monsters, emotion. What more could you want?
To save her city, Alexis will have to unearth a wicked scheme, confront family secrets, and learn that demons are often inherited.
This sounded right up my alley - intriguing and dark - and the first chapter promises that and more.
Jonna Pruitt is a criminal. After serving consecutive life sentences what’s an immortal girl to do with so much freedom?
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by Jim McDoniel
by Justin R. Macumber
by J. F. Dubeau
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