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Brynn Yoder

A physically but not socially distant writer working on The Islands of Warasodar: Flestion’s Chalice
Brynn is the author of
Books Brynn Recommends
Social Fictions is a grim look at what the future may hold. It grips you from the start, taking you through its bleak yet engaging world. I can't wait to see where this one goes.
A gamer, hated by everyone in a society hyper-focused on tech and pretentions to sociability, tries to figure out how to keep gaming when everyone wants him dead.
Chapter 1 is an exciting glimpse into this world. I'll be intrigued to see what Landon discovers as he sails the Artemis.
Saying everything around what is happening without saying the exact thing that's happening. Tatum does this flawlessly in the first chapter alone, leaving me hooked.
After the death of her mother, a nine year-old girl crafts a near-magical immersive soft sculpture from her late mother’s things that challenges not only her father’s struggle with life and loss but the post-modernist art world’s as well.
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