The system of magic in this book is unique in that it is a combination of art and emotion. The Draw is a powerful light that comes from four types of emotive magics: Calm, Alert, Aggressive, and Defensive. These lights are represented by the colors blue, green, red, and yellow respectively.

By pouring a specific emotion into your Draw, you can create magical symbols to enhance objects. For example: Happiness would equate to an Alert emotion, and make your Draw green in color. Fear would become a Defensive emotion, and make your Draw yellow.

Once you master the Draw, you may move on to choose an element: Fire, Frost, Air, or Earth. Elemental mages use totems to power their magic, but only a few can harness these energies within their bodies and command their chosen element from within.

These are the methods used in the Mage Zone to keep up with the bustling Tech Zone and their electronic devices. Of course, each Zone thinks their way is superior to the other for various reasons, and the peace between them is shaky at best.

The characters must find a way to make a peace between magic and tech, but which way is the ’right’ way? They must figure out what exactly ’equality’ means.