About the Project: -

It was the year 2011, last day of my college. I was with my friends, in the college lawn. Everyone in the group was remembering all the fun moments we spent together in the college campus. Then the talk shifted to our future plans, but I was in my own world wondering about this question that was in my mind that came up when I was studying for my Physics test.

One of my friends interrupted me and asked me what I was thinking. I told him what was going on in my mind about the question that was bothering me “What would happen if Earth loses its gravity?’’ Everyone started laughing at my question. After sometime, we were back discussing our future plans.

Once I got back to my home I was still thinking about the same question and was still wondering how the world would be in Zero ‘g’. How a human would survive in Zero ‘g’? Will there be any life at all in Zero ‘g’? I guess by then someone would invent something like gravitational generators which would generate artificial gravitational force just like an electric generator.

I started putting my words on paper and wrote this novel, imagining a situation where a series of gravity generators that keep earth’s artificial gravity working, shut down.