Seattle, Washington

November 23rd, 2011

She couldn’t make out his face, but his voice sounded like smooth velvet and it taunted her. For the last three months she had been haunted in her dreams by the same voice, as of late she wasn’t so sure how much was actually a dream.

She was running now, down her apartment hallway towards the bathroom, the sound of a silky laugh surrounding her, echoing in her head as she raced for the only room in her small flat with a lock on the door. The hallway seemed to go on forever and the faster she ran the further the door seemed to get.

Then, as usual for a dream it changed suddenly. She wasn’t in the hallway anymore but back in her bed, unable to move. The shadowed figure of a man hovered above her, holding her, and the more she struggled against the pressure the heavier it became, crushing the air from her lungs.

"Do not struggle," The voice whispered to her, she couldn’t see his face but she felt his breath on her skin as she threw her head side to side trying to escape the feeling of it. Her heart pounded in her chest as it reverberated in her ears.

"You’re special to me," He continued.

She could feel his fingers digging into her wrists as he held her hands down next to her head, she bucked her body and kicked her legs trying to free herself but to no avail.

"You will not wake until I say," He laughed, "In this world you’re powerless against me,"

She wanted to scream but the pressure on her chest made it impossible. She was so tired, and she wondered how that was possible in a dream. Her muscles seemed to ache with every movement and her body called to her to stop her fighting. She stilled her body and calmed her mind as best she could, it was just a dream after all, right?

"Good girl." The voice spoke.

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