Bonnie Shimko
Michael Bennett's YOUNG DONALD is fast paced, insightful, thought provoking, and, in spots, laugh-out-loud funny.  It grabbed me on the first page and didn't let go until the amazingly clever ending.  Bennett is a masterful storyteller whose YOUNG DONALD is perfect for anyone who loves a great read.
--Bonnie Shimko, author of award-winning LETTERS IN THE ATTIC       
Michael McAlister
I think many of us have been waiting for a voice that helps us laugh at America's current reality while, at the same time, sounding an alarm. Bennett’s YOUNG DONALD is just such a book, guaranteed to keep us laughing and inspiring concern all at once. As I was wrapping up the read, I was at once taken with the literary craftsmanship of a traditional bildungsroman that kept me laughing. I only wish that this could become a series; one that in its essence merges something like a Trumpian-inspired Hunger Games with the Hardy Boys’ mysteries. Young Donald, as a character, is that fun to follow. So too are the ancillary characters that Bennett deftly develops throughout. Get it. Read it. Then share it. Cheers to Bennett as a new, desperately needed jester in todays world. He is someone who can help us laugh at ourselves and point us inward all at once. Dr. Michael G. McAlister, Author of AWAKE IN THIS LIFE
Gianfranco Bertozzi
YOUNG DONALD is real work of art. As a lover of historical fiction, I think there is nothing more satisfying to read than a cool mix of imagination, suspense, and humor, wrapped around stories of known people or events in time. This novel has it all. It’s a brilliant first book, chronicling in colorful but still nuanced language an imagined mini slice of our fearless leader’s history, with all the satire you can take, without rolling off your couch laughing. If this depiction manages to actually nail the President’s true character, we are all in serious trouble.