Meeting Mr. Butler

Meeting Mr. Butler

Six months after the car accident, Sara was well enough to start traveling again. Starting with the Auto Show in Vegas where Sara was a booth bunny for Oldsmobile. Sara was shocked to get the gig, especially since most car shows feature younger women and fast cars. The Car Dealership wanted a more sophisticated look, her agent told her and besides she gets an all expenses paid week in Vegas. “Leave town for a little while and forget your worries, besides what’s done in Vegas stays in Vegas. The schedule was a grueling 18 hours a day trying to look interested in an Oldsmobile.” Said her Agent Ed. The people were all wide-eyed and sniffing at her and then the car. It took days to get rid of the new car scent that they sprayed hourly in to the car. It was required that Sara wear a formal evening dresses to the car show to promote the more sophisticated and elegant look for the Oldsmobile brand. Her hair was flat iron and placed in an elegant up-do. Her makeup was flawless with soft honey glow complexion; smoky eye makeup and soft red lips that said ‘come and buy me’.

On the first day of the car show, Keith the Announcer, a middle-aged boozer who had his eye on the young girls at the Ferrari stage set, lost his script and Sara had improvise her movements outlining his speech. As you can see the “Oldsmobile’s latest model has styling unmatched in this convention center, the outer body and wheels are latest in technology and inner cabin is made for style and comfort, as seen by our beautiful model.” Sara quickly runs from the front of the car and jumps inside the car and Keith steps on her gown and closes the door; the sound of material ripping apart is overshadowed with Keith’s made up speech. For the rest of the day Sara sat in the car with her head sticking out the window smiling, waving and cursing the ground the Keith walked on. People came by and looked in the car. Sara nodded and smiled knowing that if she got out of the car, it would reveal a whole tear down her backside for all to see. The car dealership was notified and a dress was being delivered at the convention center. For hours Sara sat in the car smiling and waving.

The passenger side of the car door opened and a man with dark shades sat down beside her. “Are you okay? The company sent me” He asked. Sara nodded and hoped that he would provide some sort of relief, Sara’s lower legs had started to cramp and the need for the bathroom was becoming urgent. “We are so sorry for this inconvenience and we have a new dress to replace the one you are currently wearing.” Grateful to be getting some sort of action Sara replied “thank you, but how am I going to get out of the car without exposing my backside for all to see? That’s for the showgirls not me.” The man smiled and let out a light chuckle, “not to worry I got you covered”.

As he got out of the car Sara thought, ohhh… he looks like a lighter version of R Kelly the singer. Well dressed in a black Armani suit and his movements were smooth and confident. This is a nice surprise. I wonder what’s behind those shades and can he sing as well as R Kelly? No, the last time a man sang to me, my panties were off within 15 seconds and I was dumb enough to marry him. Clean cut and he had a choirboy aura about him, cute, cute. He opened Sara’s passenger side door and produced a long terry towel robe. Sara reached out her arm into the robe and he guided her up while covering her body with the robe.
Keith the announcer was still off script announces, “the new Oldsmobile gives comfort and style, why you sleep and ride and come out feeling fresh and renewed.” The car representative looked at him and shook his head and mouthed “you’re fired.”
“You can’t do that!?” Keith pleaded. After seeing if Sara robe was firmly tighten around her body, the company man walked over to Keith and took the mike and shut it off. “Who do you think you are coming in here and firing me?” Keith demanded
“Xavier Butler, the car designer that’s who. My company is sponsoring this event, I saw you earlier today rip this woman dress during non-scripted presentation. Only to find her still sitting in the car hostage while you ad-lib. You didn’t do anything to help the situation, did you think we weren’t going to notice?” Pointing to the cameras located on the polls nearby.
“I apologize Mr. Butler, I didn’t know and crowd seemed to like my presentation. I can do better, just give me another chance, I need this gig, and my Bookie is breathing down my back. Keith said as began to lower himself on to his knees. Please Mr. Butler I need this job!!!”
“Save your story, just stick to the script! No more ad-libbing.”
“Thank you Mr. Butler, you won’t regret this and Sara I am so sorry about your dress. I’ll get you another one.” Slightly amused at this exchange from Keith and Mr. Butler, Sara said “It’s all taken care of, thanks to Mr. Butler. Thank you, thank you very much.

He reached for Sara’s hand and guided her down from the platform. “If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to call me, handing her his card. This is my private number.”
“Oh thank you, Mr. Butler”,
“Please, call me Xavier. Let me walk you back safely to your hotel room.” Xavier offered.
“Oh no you don’t have to do that, I can change in the ladies lounge besides I need to get back to Keith we are team, right?
“Wouldn’t you like to take a break and freshen up a bit?”
Taking a deep breath Sara reconsidered. “Yes, that’s would be a great idea, thinking more about it. Keith I’m going on break.” Xavier led Sara out of the crowded convention center into the hotel entrance, holding the door for Sara to walk through. The hotel manager looked up and saw Xavier and ran over to him. “Oh, Mr. Butler is everything meeting your standards today?”
“Yes, Charles, thank you.” As the walked to the elevator the hotel staff greeted and acknowledged Xavier.
“I guess you do a lot of business here at the hotel?” Sara asked
“No, I live here for the moment. For the past two years working on the car model that you and Keith are displaying. It was originally supposed to be short term consultation but it somehow got extended.”
“I guess they really liked your work,” Sara said.
“Yes, but it’s not what I want to do.” Xavier offered to her, “I want to teach kids how to build things with their own hands. This generation is so consumer-driven that no one builds anything any more.”
“Oh, I thought you were a marketing executive, when I first saw you. It’s unusual for the designing engineer to work so far into the stage of the car production.”
“Well it’s not like the car is in full production. This car is slated for 2018, oh I guess Keith didn’t mention that in his presentation.”
“No, he didn’t.” They both laughed at the same time. After getting off the elevator and Xavier guided Sara to her door.
“Ms. Johnson again we apologize about the incident and the time it took to get you out of the car and into a new dress.”
“I am sure it will be fine, thank you again”, Sara said holding the new dress.

Finally reaching Sara’s hotel room. “Tell me Xavier, do you know everyone’s hotel room number that is associated with this car?”
Stepping slightly closer to her, he said; “yes”. “Have a good evening Ms. Johnson”.
“Sara”, she politely corrected.
“Sara, it is.” Looking fully into his face, she wondered what was behind those dark shades.
“Xavier do mind taking off your shades so I can see whom I am talking to. The eyes reveal so many things about a person.”
“What would you like to me to reveal, without me taking my shades off? I am just curious.”
Xavier stepped closer to Sara almost invading her personal space and asked “Would you have dinner with me?”
“Yes”, Sara muttered without thinking.
“Great, I will be pick you up at 7:30pm tonight. Do you know how to get back to the convention center?”
“Okay, I will see you later.” “ Oh wait, your shades” Sara asked?
“Tonight”, as he waved and walked out of sight.
Sara entered her room with a smile of expectation and huge desire to take a nap.

It’s All in the Eyes

Xavier Butler was like no man Sara has ever met before. Educated, talented and a genius; he could build anything, generous, considerate, a physique like an NBA player long and muscular. Xavier seemed to know everything and everyone, or so it seemed on that first day at the Convention Center. When he picked her up at her door. He looked even more handsome than before! That puzzled and annoyed Sara, he was perfect. The suit cut to perfect and shine on his shoes made her thankful for not wearing a short skirt. He was something from a movie set and she would know, having been on thousands of sets. Even his dark shades was cut to his face, is that even possible? Oh!!!! Lightbulb went off in her head, metrosexual or homosexual? Only time will reveal his affections, whatever it was physical or social. As Sara walked out of room she silently made a declaration or a special intent to sway the room to match her desires. Walking from the bedroom into the bathroom: “Today is going to be a great day”. From the bedroom into the living room: “I am happy and healthy”. From the living room to the front door: “Everything and everyone prospers me now”. Now Sara declarations was simple it going to be a lovely night with Mr. Butler, ah Xavier.

As she opened the door to her hotel room, a familiar smell, a light scent of roses. And to her delight Xavier held a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses. “Ohhhh, my favorite,” then catching herself. “Thank you, Xavier they are lovely”. She considered, yellow roses? Yellow roses are a sign of friendship. Okay he’s a homosexual, well I can relax now. As the warthog singing in the Lion King “Hakuna Mutata”. “Do tell, where are we going tonight?”
“I have a table for us at UpAbove.”
“Wow, you must be a high roller in his hotel to get a table at UpAbove? Five-star Restaurant that rotates so you can see the Vegas Strip? Scared of you Mr. Butler.” Sara chatted quiet happily as the walked down the corridor. “So tell me about that car because you know I wont hear the correct story from Keith.” That comment made him laugh, Sara liked his laugh, he’s going to be a great friend, she thought. I wonder if he’s single maybe I could set him up with one my acting buddies in New York. A good man is hard to find whether straight or gay. Maybe Terry, he’s tall like Xavier but he just broke up with Carl, might be too soon for Terry. Hmmm, let me think….
Just then Xavier interrupted her thoughts. “Do you like the view from the elevator? It was a see-thru lift that swiftly took them up to the 76 floor to the penthouse restaurant.”
“Actually, I was trying to avoid looking at the view. I get a little nausea easily from high highs.”
“Well what about the movie you did, the Burning Inferno? That was pretty high wasn’t it?”
“Ahhh, no, it was shot on a sound stage, but there was a lift of 10 feet. That was more than enough for me. Wait how did you know about that, I was just an extra in movie?”
“Remember I know everything about everyone associated with this car.” Xavier said plainly.
“Yes but…” then she looked more closely at him. “Xavier may I see your eyes please?” Just then the elevator doors opened and he gestured for her to step out.
“You will have your reveal in all do time.” The view of the restaurant was breath taking. The UpAbove Restaurant was truly a heavenly creation, with an elegant décor, warm hospitality, and sophisticated French cuisine. A short portly yet elegant man dressed in a fine blue suit who announced that he was the manager, Stavros Georgiou. He warmly greeted Xavier, “it is our honor to have you, Mr. Butler and your lovely guest dining with us tonight. We hope that everything will be to your satisfaction,” he said almost pleading and awaiting for Xavier’s approval. Upon Xavier’s review of the restaurant and he nodded and the manager escorted us to a private room, a delightful spot alongside clear view floor-to-ceiling windows that looked out upon the city and desert landscapes of Las Vegas. It was breath-taking and frightening all at once. Xavier sensing Sara’s discomfort gently, placed his arm around her waist and guided her to her chair. “Perfect! Did I tell you that you look wonderful tonight?”
“Ah, thank you Xavier, you clean up well yourself, even though you were clean when I first saw you”, she said jokingly. Who is your stylist?
“Stylist??? No, I pick out my clothes and as well the ensemble that you see now.”
“Oh, well it is lovely, so handsome”, Sara said going into Grandma mode. “So tell me about yourself Xavier, besides designing and building cars. Well actually where did that start for you? How long have you been designing cars. And…”
“Hold on a sec, let me ask you a question? Are you allergic to any kinds of food?”
“Yes, shrimp. That’s all? Food wise yes, but I don’t drink either. I can’t process alcohol.” Feeling uncomfortable having to explain whenever she goes out how drinking alcohol is like a slow death happening in her body.

Xavier looked over the menu and asked her if it be alright if he ordered for the both of them. Sara smiled, she finally starting to feel safe, said “yes, please do”.
“My taste buds are yours tonight!” Xavier peering down at her thru his dark shades almost revealing the tops of his eyes. And a slow smile from under his nose.
“Hmmm….” For a moment they were both caught in a trance. The waiter appeared in the room to take their order, “Ralph he said, we will have a sampler of the best appetizers to delight my madam Rose’s taste buds. For the lady, a Calamari Steak and I will have the Pan Seared Diver Scallops and Pellegrino for the table.”
“Calamari Steak marvelous suggestion, Mr. Butler and I am sure you will love the Scallops.”
“Thank you Ralph. Sara considered him again, scallops??? I’m getting steak and he’s getting scallops. In her head she heard her granddaughters voice “OMG!!!” Well, she took a breath and said it’s going to be a lovely night.
“Yes it is”, Xavier replied to her thought slowly taking his glasses off. Sara didn’t know what to think at first, whether to be startled or aroused. Xavier eyes were like large wide almond shaped with oblong black shaped pupils with barely a trace of white in his eyes. He had the longest lashes she’s ever seen on a man. And from the look on his face, it was very clear that he’s wasn’t what she thought he was. She held his gazed for almost a minute. So tell me Sara Rose what do you see?

Silent Dinner

What do you see? Xavier repeated. Sara sat there spellbound, unable to speak. She considered him, the clothes the fine attention to detail; everything was perfect, nothing out of place. His conversation and his ability of knowing everyone and everything about everyone. His indescribable way of favor, it seemed that everything opened up to him. And now he sits with those ‘cat eyes’. Xavier responded with a chuckle. Did she say that aloud? Embarrassed Sara stood to find an exit from the room. How could she say that, I am not a child to blurt out such a rude thing, she thought. “Excuse me” as she made her way from the table. Xavier reached up and gently grabbed her arm, “Sara there is no need to be embarrassed. It’s not that I haven’t heard that reply before.” Sara’s face and body was turned away from Xavier to avoid looking into those eyes again. It’s just that I didn’t expect this, maybe a nice normal pair of eyes or even small biddy eyes. Taking control of her disarray, she took a deep breath and looked into his eyes again. Xavier guided her back to her seat. 

“See there’s no harm no fowl.” He reassured her. She smiled into his face. His large almond shaped eyes and the dark pupils with almost a gold like center, but it was the lack of whites in his eyes that make you wonder if he was alien? “An Alien, am I?” he responded.
“No, I didn’t say anything”, Sara shot back.
“No, but you thought it”, there was silence but the communication was clear. A spurt of heat radiated from the bottom of her spine to the top of her neck and slowly guided throughout her body. She took a breath to introduce coolness into her lungs. With clear intention she thought, “
I see a man who know everything and has everyone at his beck and call; a man that seem to know everything about me; and I don’t know anything about him except that he hides behind those designer glasses. I see a mystery that must be solved! Mr. Butler. She thought”. 

Xavier broke from her gaze and laughed. “A mystery?” He replied back into her mind. “No there’s no mystery, I told you that all would be revealed at dinner.” “But I only want to see the eyes behind the glasses? This is something quite different”, she thought back.
“Would you prefer that we go back to a more verbal conversation? I thought you could handle this? With all the beings surrounding you,” Xavier continued in his silent reply. 

“Are you referring to the spirits that follow me?” “ Yes, of course. Derick is a mouthy one, but Emilie is quiet.” Xavier looked over Sara’s shoulder and saw an image but it was too translucent to clearly identify a face but the form was clearly masculine. 

“You do too much too soon, let the woman eat!” The form stated. Sara looked up and a felt a warm breeze surround her.
“Derick… is it safe, is it safe to be here?” Sara mentally asked. “I am here to protect you as always” the form answered.”
Excuse me, but I’m sitting here. I can hear you.” Xavier interrupted their discussion.
“Of course you can hear us, Mr. Butler. But I’m not so sure about this,” Sara replied back. “What do you want from me? I thought you were a nice guy, wearing fancy clothes and now this. I don’t know you. And you know more than you need to know about me.”

Looking for the exit again, Sara turned towards the door. Xavier stepped in front of her and picked up her left wrist and placed his right thumb in the palm of her hand. The heat that threatened her sanity began to fade. The sense of panic floated away and she took a deep breath. Xavier calmly guided Sara back to her seat and sat down across from her still holding the palm of her hand. “Better?” he asked. 

“Yes,” she nodded. The waiter entered the room with a tray of appetizer and Xavier reached over and placed his shades back on his face. Sara sat there watching Xavier interact with the waiter, as he silently placed the food on the table. Refusing to think she meditated on her breath, inhale 1, 2, 3, 4 on hold 1, 2, 3, 4 and exhale 1, 2, 3, 4. Breathe, just breathe. The waiter left the room and Xavier looked at Sara calm zen-like breathing. He smiled at her through those dark designer shades and said “Bon Appetite”.

“Bon Appetite??? I can’t even think about food!” Sensing her tension rise Xavier reached over and grabbed her hand again. Sara was prepared for this and snatched back her hand. “No, explain this to me! She demanded. Why can I hear you, or better yet how can you speak to me in my mind? This isn’t cute. Do you go around listening to everyone’s thoughts?” 

Seeing Sara was clearly agitated Xavier looked for help in the room, searching for Emilie. On a high level in his mind, he questioned, “Did you not send her to me? How long will it be?” A faint outline a woman shrouded in robes appeared into the room. “Calm…” she replied. Feeling unsatisfied Xavier took off his shades and rubbed his eyes leaning his forehead into his hand. “Ahh, I’m sorry Sara Rose I didn’t mean to frighten you. I just thought that I could be myself with you. I understand if you want to leave and never see me again”. Xavier looked up from his hand into Sara face. And Sara considered him again, she looked deeper into his cat eyes and saw a lonely soul that thirsted. Sara knew that soul, it desired to be loved and accepted. It was a reflection of her own desires. “Let’s start again, this time ‘tell’ me about yourself vs. that whole mind thing.” Sara said calmly. Xavier breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at her. My name is Alpha Xavier Butler.


Alpha Xavier came into the world, not with a cry but a trumpet sound. It startled the doctor and nurse, as the mother rejoiced. Upon wiping down the baby the nurse noticed the eyes weren’t coming clear, she continued to wipe away the blood and placenta only to find the eyes were clean and clear. Just black with a golden pupils hardly any white showing in the eyes. Looking up at the doctor, she nodded for him to come and see for himself. “Is he blind?” The nurse whispered. “No! he’s perfect! Please give me my baby!” The mother demanded from the bed. They looked at the perfectly formed baby boy, dark honey complexion, 10 toes, 10 fingers, all the limbs seem to be in working order, but those eyes never in 20 years of delivering babies has Dr. Martel ever seen such a thing. Go get old Dr. Jamison, just as the words were spoken the baby looked at him and he heard ‘no need’. “Excuse me nurse what did you say?” “Nothing, doctor I didn’t say anything.”

“Bring me my baby please I want to see him!” The mother cried. The nurse completed the cleaning and swaddled him tightly in a blanket. She held out her arms to receive him. Perfect, he’s perfect, he’s my little creation. Hello Alpha, as cradled and rocked him. The baby was fast asleep, tired from the journey coming into this world.

That was 187 years ago. Only his eyes revealed his age, but no one would dare look into him long enough to notice. And now sitting across from him, was a beautiful younger woman, who refuses to connect. All day people talk without really connecting their minds, yes they connect physically but hardly ever spiritually. She just talks and talks; I am out of words. I just want to relax be myself and connect with a beautiful mind.

“Oh! You think my mind is beautiful”? Sara said as she reached over the table and reached for Xavier’s hand and gently circled the middle of his palm. The gesture surprised him, he recalled a young boy’s conversation from his childhood over women. Duke, the oldest in the group explained to the group of boys, “if you hold the palm of their hand, it calms them down, and if you start to stroke and circle the middle of the palm it turns women on!” Xavier looked at Sara and considered her. Her face, her smile and yes that gorgeous body. He bit his lower lip to hold back any physical responses, yet he wondered of the pleasure of her flesh. Sara blushed, feeling mischievous; fully knowing the effect that she was having on Xavier, it was a lovely feeling. “Do you know what you are doing?” he communicated with no words. “I want you here with me not wandering off into your childhood,” Sara said aloud. “You think and I’ll speak, I haven’t used up my words for the day.” Xavier, releasing his hand from Sara grasp, he smiled and poured her glass of sparklingly cider and then his own glass. He raised his glass and mentally declared, “To divine connections”,
“Yes! To divine connections” Sara said smiling at him through her water glass. “Tell me why you go by the name Xavier and not Al or Alpha, even though I like the name Xavier more.”
“I got tired of explaining the name Alpha. My mother considered herself much of a spiritualist; since I was her creation and her first born Alpha was the name she gave me.”
Interrupting his story, Sara asked “are you really 187 years old? Wow, you don’t look a day over 35.”
“My, my you have skills Sara Rose, you can listen in and talk at the same time?” Sara nodded and said “Substitute teaching at the high school, you better know what’s going on in this kids head today or you’ll end up dead”.
Amused, Xavier called her name over and over in his head,
“Sara, Sara, Sara”.
“Don’t think my name too much in your head, it may short circuit your brain or something”. Sara countered.

The waiter arrived with the final course and Xavier replaced his shades onto his face. Sara felt a divider placed within her spirit with Xavier. They both watched in silence as the dishes were placed onto the table. Xavier nodded his approval to the waiter. The Calamari Steak looked wonderful and smelled delicious. Xavier removed his shade and smiled at Sara once again and the divider was lifted. Taking a breath, Sara said “My mother also told me not talk while eating, but she never said nothing about thinking while eating, so I guess it’s okay? Or is there some rule that I don’t know about?
“No, thinking and eating is fine, but I prefer to call it connecting.
“Okay, great now I just have to be on my best behavior and think good thoughts otherwise you’ll think I’m crazy.
“No, not at all, if you want me to stop connecting with you mentally, I will”, reaching for his shades. “I want you to feel safe with me, okay?”
Sara nodded and picking up her fork. “So what’s with the shades”?

Exert from Yellow Rose Chronicles – De Boone