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It isn’t easy being Anabaptist. You have to churn your own butter, build barns, deal with hungry monsters hoping to eat you at your cousin’s birthday party. It’s even worse if you have a blood condition the Hundings can smell like a cake in the window.

I’m pegging this as "Breaking Amish meets The Howling." If you’ve never heard of "The Howling," these were a series of so-bad-its-good werewolf movies from the 80s and 90s. Please do not ever watch Howling III: The Marsupials.

More than just a modern retelling of the wolf trope from the fairy tale tradition, Wulf draws on Gothic/Romantic period questions on the nature of Man. Although not a vampire novel, "Wulf" also draws on elements of "The Vampyre," the first vampire novel in English, and "Carmilla," a classic lesbian vampire story.

Genre: Gothic Fairy Tale for Grownups

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