Worlds Walker is the second book in The Catcher’s Trap trilogy.

In the second book of the series The Catcher’s Trap, Andres discovers that living a normal life is impossible when the blood of monsters run through your veins. In Worlds Walker Andres embarks on a journey to discover and accept who he really is.

About the author

I was born in Tocopilla, a small fishing and mining town in the north of Chile.

My passion for creating worlds started when I was around 5 and realized my tiny town in the middle of the Atacama Desert lacked the excitement my young mind craved.

The sun in that corner of the world chases you like a rabid dog, and I would ride away from it on my bike while imagining worlds full of adventures and dangerous monsters.

Later on, I turned my love for writing into a profession and became a political journalist.

In 2001 I decided to emigrate to the United States, looking for adventure and a less hostile environment for LGBT people.

After 15 years of writing columns for local newspapers, starting and closing blogs and sharing my thoughts on social media, I embarked on the dangerous quest of writing a novel.

My first book, The Catcher’s Trap, is available right now.

But you can pre-order here right now.