Joseph Asphahani
No offense, Mr. Pomerance, but I'm not going to bother continuing into chapter two... ...because I literally want to wait until I can hold the entire book in my hands! Honestly. Your chapter one hits everything just right. I get the perfect sense of time, place, and character. Whether I like it or not, I become a part of Susan's life through the power of your words alone, a testament to your skill as a writer. I've been where she's at, we all have, and I think Women Like Us is going to be a wonderful and true examination of deep, real human emotion that I cannot wait to read the rest of. Thanks very much!
Tony Valdez
Jason Pomerance knows how to write living, breathing people. That much is unquestionably clear, as he introduces us to an extended family of characters with more substance in three opening chapters than some may accomplish in an entire novel. Jason transports us into each person's deepest thoughts with ease. A young man searching for acceptance, a woman losing herself in years of regret, and a senior battling the maddening, occasionally amusing, but inevitably depressing realities of age. Nothing is off the table. And speaking of the table, a collection of culinary delights, masterfully detailed, are woven through this tale. Each one leaving me craving a trip to the fridge, and/or the pub. I am already in love with this book, and I can't wait to have it in my hands!
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
I don't usually read stories of this genre, but I just HAD TO leave a ROCKS!This is so well written, I feel as if I'm right THERE, the story flows so well, the description of past/ present so easy to read.Some writers can confuse me when writing like that, but NOT THIS!Again, the flow is superb!
You definitely nailed THIS!I'm truly engrossed, and I've only read the first three Chapters!Nice job!
Michael Sebby
There are so many strengths to this novel, it's hard to know where to begin with praise. I love how well Pomerance fleshes out his characters. Every one of them is carefully crafted, much like the dishes Susan creates. Edith steals the show any time she enters a scene, and I love how she plays off the other characters, even though I'm pretty sure I'd dislike her if I ever met her in real life. I can easily see these characters existing, and it's hard to imagine this is fiction with the high level of detail and background they carry with them. Pomerance injects a great deal of wit into his musings and dialogue, and it almost seems effortless on his part. It appears he has found a recipe for success, which perhaps trumps the many other recipes found in this novel.
Michael Haase
Mr. Pomerance...what could I say about one of the best voices and writers on Inkshares that hasn't already been said? His prose is flowing and easy to feel, the characters build quickly and gather interest in a fascinatingly swift fashion, the story itself begs to be read. Women Like Us is a novel not to pass up. If you don't order, you're missing out.
Tammie Berlin Janis
After spending 25+ years in food service, I can relate! Can't wait to read this book in full!!
Richard Heinz
If you enjoy literary fiction with a nice solid dose of misanthropy, morbidness, and sprinkles of sarcasm peppered in: Look no further. Jason writes with a prose heavy style that appeals to me as someone who loves books dripping with flavor. The opening chapter is a fantastic introduction to the style of Jason's writing. If his sarcasm continues through the book-you'll maintain a wry grin and look at the world around through new lenses. Particularly if you follow his drinking regimen at the end of each chapter! 
Rob Gokee
In a peek at his latest chapter, Jason had me drooling over the recipe one minute, and worried about the house on fire the next!
Tony Destro
I can't wait to read the rest!!!
Rodney V. Smith
Hilarious!  So well written it had me fully engaged to the point of wanting to go and cook steaks with an extra layer of fat now...