WITCHBOY is the story of David Madison, a professor at Waxman University in the beautiful mountain town of Garden City, Montana. David is married to Lucca, his handsome, stay at home husband. But David is growing restless with his job, which feels static, and his students, whom he has begun to hate. He wonders if he’s beginning to be bored with his entire life, and suddenly finds himself haunted by his first love: Brandon Blair, who died when they were seniors in high school … and who possessed powers of witchcraft.

While on a visit back to Vanceton, the isolated prairie village in Eastern Montana where he grew up, David stumbles upon a century-old framed photo of a man who looks disturbingly like Brand, unlocking terrible memories. Strange events begin to occur: David dreams night after night of Brand; a grad student David doesn’t like kills himself, seemingly under a spell, by jumping off a roof; and David is attacked by Eddie Davilla, a boy from his past, brother to his high school girlfriend Julie, and who has been, for the past eighteen years, locked away in mental asylum. But Lucca uses witchcraft himself to thwart Eddie’s attack, and after saving David’s life, Lucca confesses that he is also a witch.

David must confront his past by telling Lucca about the summer when he betrayed Brand, and when everyone he loved died.

I’ve entered WITCHBOY in the 2020 All-Genre Manuscript contest. Please enjoy!

Cover photo by Norbert Buduczki, whom you can follow at @buduczki.

SOURCE: https://unsplash.com/photos/_BuFUSLbUwE