Zac Thompson
There's something special about Wings of the Pirate: it's unmistakable passion. A charming protagonist in a beautifully imagined world. It's hard to imagine a better setup for an adventure book.
Stephen Carignan
Perhaps one of the strengths of Wings of the Pirate is how easy it is to picture in your mind. My meaning is the exact level of detail needed to visualize the scene causes the story to leap from the page. It is with this level of writing were much of the characters are revealed through what is not on the page, through gesture, unspoken hints, and actions of the characters. I definitely look forward to reading more.
Promising to give an adventure like no other, Wings of the Pirate feels like an adventure with a female Indiana Jones, can't wait to read more.
Rue Lazzaro
This is a pretty rad adventure book with guns, pirates, and bi-planes, set in the real world. I'd love to see some of the flying boats in a bit more detail, and see how the rest of the world co-exists with this sort of culture.
Anthony Jones III
Wings of the Pirate can be depicted as a total roller coaster by how it can switch from an in-depth description to an unexpected action scene that hooks you completely. It lets you know how the author wants to pull you in, and witness the next event.
I rather like the notion of a pirate hunting book, and the Pirate Captain reminds me just a little of Captain Harlock.  I can hardly wait to see Ferron, the Naval captain, go toe to toe with this adversary!
James Rasile
A female Indiana Jones-type. Flying boats and seaplanes! There's so much to enjoy reading here!
Maggie West Bean
Great read! Great writing!
Kevin Muhleisen
Wings of the Pirate has all the makings of a great adventure book: A diverse cast (Monkey included), amazing locales, and a fun story. Do yourself a favor and pre-order a copy.
James A. Conan
I would like to thank Eric H. Heisner for teaching me the joys of Sky Pirates in the span of five minutes. I grew up listening to my grandfather talk about flying Hellcats during the war and I've had a soft spot for naval aviation ever since. Great read.