The Concept:

Everyone knows about witch hunts. Since forever, they’ve targeted women who were, and are, most assuredly, not witches. Unfortunately, this isn’t entirely true, just mostly true. Witches, real ones, are not the sort of person who goes around in pointy hats and disgusting buckle-clasp shoes. Nor do real witches wiggle their noses or turn people into toads. Real witches are the type of woman who catches your eye and drags it all the way down the street. Then, if your luck is particularly horrible, she’ll drag the rest of your body along too, which is, of course, the last thing you’ll ever do.

Rick Basket, a hopelessly underachieving and mostly inept social media fraud investigator, arrives at work one day to be told that not only do witches exist, but that he has been tapped to hunt them. Rick’s disbelief quickly turns into an all-too real and deadly game of chase with one particular witch who is dying to turn him inside out (but possibly sleep with him first). His primary ally in this fantastical caper is a woman who definitely wants to sleep with him. To complicate matters further, his wife thinks he’s lost his job and is having an affair—and some things can’t be adequately refuted. Throughout a series of absurd situations and decisions, Rick manages to stay alive and mostly resist the aggressive romantic advances of the witches in his life, even his wife gets in on the game. Survival is no guarantee.

Wine Bottles and Broomsticks is a light urban fantasy romp, complete at 80,000 words, along the lines of Jim Butcher’s THE DRESDEN FILES series while channeling the characters of Douglas Adams’ HITCHHIKERS’ GUIDE TO THE GALAXY.

About the Author:

Not all Alaskan writers write about Alaska. Some like to take a break from the majestic frozen and mostly moon-lit vistas seventy-five percent of the year to fantasize about how great it would be to not be cold at the moment. Dave S. Koster is one of those, spending most of his time writing less than serious fantasy and dabbling in sci-fi. Wine Bottles and Broomsticks is his debut novel, though certainly not his first. When he’s not writing, Dave works as a computer programmer or is banging along on one of his other, numerous hobbies and has been known to randomly send out small wooden things to people if they ask nicely. You can follow Dave’s Blog at or follow him on twitter @daveskoster