It was one year ago today (June 1, 2020) that I launched my pre-order campaign to hopefully be published by Inkshares.
Wow, a year ago I launched this dream, not knowing if it would happen...
As you know, thanks to many pre-orders--and, on my Inkshares novel WILD CONVICTION page, thanks to the great comments, reviews and nominations--my novel was a winner in the Inkshares 2020 All-Genre Manuscript Contest (announced the end of February 2021), thus winning publication!
It will take some time yet before you have your copy in your hands, as the pandemic has slowed many things, and there are still several processes to go through before publication is finished.
My manuscript will be with an Inkshares editor soon, and then I hope to have more information and updates to share...
You can still engage with my novel on my Inkshares WILD CONVICTION page by reading the chapters posted there and making comments.
If you pre-order and want Chapter 3--which is GrandMama’s letter full of secrets and gifts--I am thrilled to send it to you.
If you have pre-ordered and told me you’d like the letter but haven’t received yours yet, I apologize for the delay and will do that very soon!
Thanks to you all for your super support! I am here--as a soon-to-be-published-novel-author--because of you!
Now, I must get back to finishing some revisions....
Img 9572 Mary Dezember · Author · added 3 months ago
Thank you, Elaine!!  I am SO excited!! And I will be thrilled when this novel is published!!
Userphoto3 original Elaine Ritchel · Reader · added 3 months ago
Congrats, Mary! Can’t wait to receive my copy of Wild Conviction!
Img 9572 Mary Dezember · Author · added 4 months ago
Thank you, Teresa! You have been on this journey with me offering tons of support in many ways!! Yay for our wild convictions and for Wild Conviction! I am honored and blessed to know you, too, and be a part of our poetry community!
Img 9572 Mary Dezember · Author · added 4 months ago
Carol, thank you so much! To hold the book will be a dream come true!!
Img 9572 Mary Dezember · Author · added 4 months ago
Thank you, Caren! I am honored to be on our way to publication with you, too! So exciting!
Userphoto4 original Teresa E Gallion · Reader · added 4 months ago
Congratulations!  I am honored and blessed to know you.  May your Wild Convictions soar.
Userphoto3 original Carol Nurrenbern · Reader · added 4 months ago
Congratulations!  Looking forward to seeing it in print!
Caren mcvicker   small Caren Simpson McVicker · Author · added 4 months ago
Congratulations! I’m honored to be on this publishing journey with you.

Exciting News!! WE DID IT!! WILD CONVICTION held 3rd place and will be published by Inkshares! I woke up about 1 am my time and checked. I can’t go back to sleep! 

THANK YOU to each of you for showing so much wonderful support for my novel. THANK YOU for supporting my dream--my wild conviction--to be a published novelist! I can’t wait until you have the entire novel to read! 

When I was fortunate enough to meet Nichelle Nichols several years ago, she autographed a photograph of her on the USS Enterprise bridge for me by writing: Blessings to you always and in all ways. I love that and am writing that to you. My friends, family, readers of WILD CONVICTION--Blessings to you always and in all ways!  Again, THANK YOU!!  Mary (and Twilight)

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