Kyla is a slave, trafficked at a young age and brought to the Fae Realm to become a loyal servant to the High Lady Griselda. But at the age of seventeen, the Fae Queen decides that gifting Kyla to a rebellious High Lord will aid her in her attempts to take control of Lord Dorran’s private army for the struggle against the Goblin Realm to the West. Lord Dorran appears to show interest in the young girl and Queen Andraste seizes her chance. Kyla is given strict instructions: Kill him, so that his crippled, ineffectual son could take his place.

Upon arrival at Hel’s Glade, her mission is flipped over on its head when she discovers Lord Dorran did not want a lover, he needed a caretaker. Someone to care for his reclusive, ill son whose previous caretakers all died under mysterious circumstances. Kyla thinks her task easy, if an irritable distraction but soon finds out her new charge is anything but ineffectual. Cruel, dangerous and entirely mad, the High Lord’s son finds her pragmatism to be the perfect companion to his ambitious scheming. His father will die, but not on the Fae Queen’s terms.

About the book:

This is a sort of prequel to a fantasy epic that I have been working on for three years. Kyla is one of many characters in the epic, however her backstory was so interesting I thought I just had to write it down. As such, there will be mentions of a cohesive world and different cultures, generally looked down upon by the Fae who consider themselves above humans. You’ll see the rest of the world through Kyla’s eyes as she is curious about the human world, having not been raised amongst her own people.

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