Chapter 4 - Mud Puddle Vortex

"I could either take 1. Wooded Scooded Path or 2. go to the crosswalk and take my chances at waiting for traffic to die down there."

"So you took the path, didn’t ride as fast as you thought, and then made it here late. Big woop." Timmy challenged.

"Oh I wish it were that simple. As I rode across the path, almost home-free, something glowed from the center of the handlebars that I hadn’t noticed before. It was a small gray box with a golden ’Y’ in the middle of it. The Y was glowing. It glowed so brightly that it blinded me for a moment and I rode into a small puddle, the size of my shoes. I expected water to splash around my legs, leaving me wet before class. But something else occurred that seemed impossible."

"Mud splashed all over you and now you stink. Then you showed up late." Timmy snared. "Now shut up and sit down so we don’t have to listen to your dull, annoying accent."

"I’ll finish first, thanks. And no, Timmy, you’re wrong. Like a vortex, I was swallowed down into the puddle, bike, backpack and all. The only thing that didn’t make it was my phone."

At that statement the entire class perked up, even our Teacher set her nail file down and pushed her glasses up.