In this chapter book inspired by the style of the "Magic Tree House" books mixed with the oddity of "Fortunately The Milk", we find that The New Kid is late for only his 4th day at his new school. And he fears the teacher’s incoming punishment.

He must stand in front of the whole class by himself (the worst!) and give a speech as to why he was not on time (even worse than the worst!).

Lucky for him, he has a very good, incredibly detailed and fully true story as to why he was late (and also why he smells like a dumpster of dying garbage).

And it all started when he found a magical bike that sent him traveling into another world by way of a mud puddle on the ground.

I came up with this story after having so many ridiculous things happen to me almost every day as I rode from home to college and back.

For example, One day, I fell in a giant mud puddle-which happened to be the first day of my freshman year-and I smelled like a rodent that’d been dead for 3 weeks.

Another time, I crashed right into a girl who laughed uncontrollably after I swear she should have been dead (slight exaggeration?)

I also recall getting hit by a car...on my 1 a creeping stop the world’s smallest eco-friendly car.

And of course, how could I forget the near 30 times (no exaggeration this time) that I went flying off my bike and somehow ended up with no cuts, scrapes or bruises.

I figured that after so many absurd and off-the-wall instances such as these, various stories were just asking to be written (but again, with some-more-than-slight-exaggerations added in there. i.e. I did NOT travel to another world on my bike)

((or did I?)) ;)

ABOUT ME: I am simply a writer who believes that reading and hearing good stories can help us live better stories. And I believe the joy and humor in the story of "Why I Was Late To School" can bring laughs to families as they enjoy reading this together aloud (which is how I dearly hope it is read).

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