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Recently my wife and I made a very important decision in life, we decided to send our son to Sunday school, as we faced big troubles in the usual one. The Sunday school can function as an independent organization of a local religious association in the form of primary education for children and adults in Christian churches. My child faced violence at shul, there are many reasons for this problem, in our case the school administration was not sensitive to problem students. I read a lot about this, most of all I liked the article https://www.wfmj.com/story/42360912/how-to-avoid-violence-at-school in which the author raises important questions about what causes bullying and cruelty and how we can help prevent it. After all, regardless of age, skin color, socio-economic status and other factors, all students deserve equal treatment. Be sure to read this article and pay more attention to your children, this is very important for them.
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A very interesting book, I liked it incredibly, thank you very much for it. I recently wrote one material for college and not knowing how to do it correctly, I visit the site help with examples so that there was a clearer understanding of how and what is better. In the end, the teaching staff rated my work as the best among others, so I strongly advise all students to visit this site.