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The Returning King

By Karlek, the Terrible Bard of Zeruko

There were once two kingdoms—strong, powerful, and mighty.

One king ruled with heart, the other with self-proclaimed glory.

The throne of Zeruko sat the just King Pater.

He had a pair of twins and a lake of magical water.

The crown of Tentazoa was King Daemon’s birthright.

With a desire for the universe, he warred in great delight.

When the first war broke, King Pater left his children.

For the future of the realm, he found them both safe havens.

But his plans were known and the twins couldn’t get far.

One lost to both realms, the other taken to Tentazoa.

Free from the enemy’s grasps, the prince grew up alone.

Raised by the enemy, the princess’ future unknown.

Twelve years later, the lost prince was found.

King Daemon failed to capture him—the boy returned to the crown.

On the losing end, King Daemon suggested a trade.

He would spare King Pater’s daughter and take King Pater’s life instead.

But oblivious of the magic in royal blood, King Daemon daggered his nemesis.

Unlocking the gates of the flood, King Daemon claimed himself supremacist.

Thinking their enemy defeated, Tentazoa stormed at Zeruko’s door.

But during the second onslaught, King Pater returned—or so some soldiers saw.

Many believed King Pater brought victory, for his return slowed down the rain.

But whether it favoured Zeruko, it is a mystery unexplained.

So where is King Pater now—is he dead or is he alive?

Forgive me, I do not know. The truth I’ve yet to derive.

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