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When Vole Gibbons hears of his beloved Bay’s imminent death, he makes a wish for more time. In turn, he’s granted the inexplicable ability to stop and restart time.

In a monumental effort to right a lifetime of wrongs, Vole packs up his ailing wife and their aging dog, and cycles them to the first destination on Bay’s wish list of places to see before she dies. When he restarts the clock he finds that old passions that lay dormant for years are reignited; and that when time is ticking, Bay’s health worsens. As carefully as he managed their pennies throughout their marriage, Vole must carefully manage the precious minutes they have left together.

The problem is, whenever he stops time everything freezes. Nothing changes or gets old…except for him. To live the life they’d always dreamed, Vole must overcome the most difficult challenges he’s ever faced while carrying his wife and dog around the world before his time runs out and their time together stops, forever.

Since kicking off my campaign, I’ve seen magical things happen. Here is where you can read all about it.