When something comes down and back to us, it always matters. Be it good or bad. Consequences are inevitable curses that love to haunt their victims and as much as we find them outstandingly despicable, there’s no point in finding means to escape. There never is any fool-proof plan and a completely safe hideout.

Devin Reed was thoroughly taught the best lessons of life when he stumbled from the rebellious stages of teenage and stepped into the unstable years of adulthood. A thousand of good opportunities were sacrificed for extraordinarily eligible candidates of the country in order to reinvest himself into an incredibly challenging and serious business that sooner than later, was bound to pick on the nearly worn-out seams of his fearlessly odious existence.

But then unfortunately, he hadn’t taken out a minute to bless himself with a profound session of pondering over and figure out that life hadn’t been a complete waste after all. All he cared about was being thrilled for what lay ahead of him.

A crime isn’t a crime without legitimate evidence, right?

Oh, how Devin would wish he had known better.

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