Jamison Hill's latest update for WHEN FORCE MEETS FATE

Dec 21, 2020


We are just about a month away from the publication of When Force Meets Fate. I’m happy to report that everything is moving along smoothly. We have sent off advanced copies to reviewers, and the book already has almost 50 reviews on Goodreads with an average of 4.85 stars: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/55659364-when-force-meets-fate

In a couple weeks, shortly after the holidays, you too will get your copy of the book. Because you were among the first to preorder it, we are going to send your copy out before the official release date of January 26th. So you should get your copy a week or two before that. For that reason, it is important that you make sure the address on your Inkshares account is accurate. If you’ve moved in the last year or your address is incorrect, here are the steps to change it:

  • Login to your Inkshares account
  • Click the icon in the top right corner
  • Click ’Profile’
  • Click ’Account’
  • Click ’Address’
  • Click ’Change Address’

If you have trouble, reach out to me or Inkshares at hello@inkshares.com

More good news: We are finishing up the audiobook now, which should be available for preorder in early January. 

Lastly, I just want to say that I will always be grateful to you for ordering the book before it was finished, for trusting that it would one day become a tangible thing.

I am going to add everyone who preordered the book on Inkshares to my email list, so you will receive a welcome message soon. If you wish not to receive my emails, feel free to unsubscribe, but you may want to stay subscribed for future updates on the book and my recovery. 

Thank you again and happy holidays!