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Welcome to Papercuts!

We made a bookstore now we’re making a book! 2015 was the first full year of business for our new independent bookstore and we want to share what happened here with you. We’re publishing our first book, a collection of cutting-edge writing by the authors who have visited us. Rich in themes like escape, danger, and desire, this book includes pieces from a wide range of authors—from New York Times bestselling to local treasures.

Thank you for your support and we’re delighted to share with you the first volume of THE PAPERCUTS ANTHOLOGY: What Happened Here.

Katie Eelman (media + events coordinator)
Kate Layte (owner + manager)


ABIGAIL THOMAS "I would follow Abigail Thomas on any journey she ever takes." —Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic

CAT WARREN “Warren writes . . . with the research-forward focus of an academic and the sweat-and-scabs storytelling of someone who has lived in the field." —Indy Week

CATIE DISABATO "Disabato may be a fresh face in the literary world, but her style and schemes triumph over those of many seasoned scribes." —PopMatters

CHRISTOPHER HEDGES "Chris Hedges is challenging to people who think change will happen without deep resistance to the current political and economic system, and also an inspiring storyteller" —Chuck Collins, author of Wealth and Our Commonwealth

CHRISTOPHER IRVIN "Irvin’s tone is lightning fast, hard hitting, and leaves the reader breathless and shocked with the sudden and realistic portrayal of violence.—LitReactor

EDAN LEPUCKI "Edan Lepucki is the very best kind of writer: simultaneously generous and precise." —Emma Straub, author of The Vacationers

EMMETT G. PRICE III, author of The Black Church and Hip Hop Culture, is a leading expert on African American music and culture, as well as an acclaimed scholar, ordained minster, professional musician, and professor at Northeastern University.

GEORGE FIFIELD George Fifield is the founder and director of the Boston Cyberarts Gallery in Jamaica Plain, the largest collaboration of artists working in the newest technologies in all media. Fifield is also a writer, a professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, and an artist.

J.M. TAYLOR “If Jim Thompson wrote about Boston’s mean old days, then you’d have an inkling of the sheer quality of writing and gut-clenching darkness that J.M. Taylor provides.” —Todd Robinson, author of The Big Bounce

JENNIFER TSENG "Jennifer Tseng delivers an elegant exploration of passion and its consequences" —Sara Levine, author of Treasure Island!!!

JOSH COOK “Bookseller and debut novelist Cook’s humorous take on various whodunit and noir tropes is...spot-on." —Library Journal

LYNETTE D’AMICO "Lynette D’Amico invents a type of Midwestern Gothic all her own, and a queer Expressionism for the 21st century. A master of parallel narratives." —Mary Cappello, author of Awkward: A Detour.

NADINE DARLING “Newcomer Nadine Darling drops an unforgettable stylistic beat" —Lyndsay Faye, author The Gods of Gotham

NICOLE GALLAND "Nicole Galland is exceptionally well versed in the fine nuances of storytelling." —St. Petersburg Times (Florida)

PAUL TREMBLAY "Tremblay expertly ratchets up the suspense until the tension is almost at its breaking point.” —Kirkus Reviews

RANDY SUSAN MEYERS "Meyers shifts perspective, artfully conveying the twisting dynamics and offering no easy answers." —The Improper Bostonian

ROBIN MCLEAN “Robin McLean’s fiction is harrowing and wry and compassionate, and always both fiercely rooted in the world and fearlessly willing to take chances. I love her keen sense of our inherent strangeness, and her heartening sense of just how important it is that we never stop trying to close the gap between who are and who we aspire to be. —Jim Shepard, author of The Book of Aaron

RORY FLYNN (pseudonym of) STONA FITCH "Stona Fitch is a shining beacon of fucking brilliance." —Scott Pack, The Friday Project, UK

ZACHARY KLEIN "Klein’s private eye and his prickly prose are original." —Boston Globe

+ even more!