When I created Flight of the Vajra, it was unlike anything I’d done before, and that was the idea.

Now I want to call your attention to a new project of mine, one that’s as unlike anything I’ve ever done as Flight of the Vajra was.

The new story is called Welcome To The Fold, and I’m going to be using Inkshares to get the word out about it. Instead of it being set in the far future, it’s set in the here and now. But in the minds of those in the story, it’s an all-new kind of here and now.

With each passing week or so I’ll be posting a new update to the story, and I’ll be alerting you here to new additions. I encourage you to follow the new project and get updates directly from it.

My plan is to post the first third or so of the book, then see what kind of attention we’ve drummed up at that point and go from there.

For now, though, you can start reading here:


I hope you end up being as surprised by it as I was.