Tom Malloy and Chase Dickerson are residents of Salt Lake City, Utah. Tom, a native of Chicago, is an emeritus Psychology professor at the University of Utah who has published over 20 peer-reviewed scientific articles, has served as co-editor for an online educational site, and has consulted for and published technical papers for NASA. Chase is a programmer with degrees in English and Computer Science who was editor for the University of Utah’s Enormous Rooms publication, was a writer for the Daily Utah Chronicle, and is presently an actor and improviser at The Off Broadway Theatre. Tom and Chase have written and produced plays for the Babcock Performing Readers. Welcome to Murder is their first co-authored novel.

The idea for Welcome to Murder came about as a collaborative, improvisational writing exercise when Tom replied to a flash fiction chapter that Chase had written. From there, Tom and Chase alternated writing chapters back and forth for fun; however, as the fun progressed, a story emerged. Looking back, we gathered the best chapters and converted them into a novel.

This project began as a collaborative effort. Tom and Chase are very open to the idea of cooperative writing. We would love to have a community of like-minded writers and readers providing feedback to help us improve our work. No suggestion is too small. We take every piece of criticism seriously.