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Hello readers!! 

Soon I’ll be posting more of a story, but for now here’s a little background information! 

What I’ve learned since I finally got up the guts to post about my book is that people always want to know where the idea came from and it’s something I always wondered about other authors as well. Like, is Stephen King really just THAT messed up? 

When it comes to my own book, it actually came about because of a couple of different things. I was re-reading a Stephen King book and there were huge parts of it I had zero recollection of. I couldn’t remember what was going to happen. So I had the thought, "If a book really was haunted or possessed or something, I wouldn’t really have a way of knowing it was different the second time I read it." And so I started thinking about a story where a book was haunted, different every time the reader read it. I thought that was pretty creepy and would make an interesting story. 

Secondly, losing my brother played a big role. In the years since he died, I’d tried to write about it repeatedly but it was always too hard to write about my own experiences. So when I started to develop this story, I knew the main character needed to have big stakes in order to propel her to keep reading a haunted book (because if she doesn’t then there’s no story of course, lol). So she lost her brother, too. And the possibility of this haunted book being able to connect her with her brother again in some way is just too tempting for her to pass up, no matter how scary things get. 

So that’s how I got the idea of Weight of Memory! It was both hard and healing to write about an experience like that from a different (and, well, completely made up) perspective. 

And of course, if you haven’t pre-ordered yet, I would be forever grateful if you did! Thank you!