Weave - Synopsis

In the past, humanity perfected nanotechnology to the point where nanotech was used in every part of our daily lives. Unfortunately for us, nanotech became sentient and a war began for our survival

Humankind emerged from the war a different being. Our reliance on technology had greatly diminished, instead reverting back to an era of steam and rudimentary technology less likely to be affected by nanotech. It has been this way for many generations, but mankind has once again begun to push at the boundaries of technology.

In the war, many cities were devastated, and left to the nanoswarms and thus became ruined shells of their former glory. These cities were quarantined and outlawed under strict rules and ruthless control.

These cities come from the remnants of the Commonwealth, still ruled by the Monarchy who now rule with an iron fist, strictly limiting access to ‘modern technology’ and maintaining this rule through fear and oppression, often implemented by the Technomagi of the Monarchy.

Unknown to all, other than the Monarchy, is the reason for their oppressive rule – if technology was to advance as it once did, the nanohives would reactivate and continue their war against humanity. The Monarchy use technomancy, what appears to be magic to most, but is rather controlled nanotech, to ruthlessly crush any who try to advance the world beyond the level they remain at.

The city of New London is a sprawling, wretched hive of people. For the rich, it is a place of debauchery and excessive displays of wealth; for the poor – life is cheap as they spend their short lives manning the great forges and workshops that power the empire.

Our heroes enter this world in the remains of Old London, where an artefact is found – a reliquary containing a fragment of nanohive. The reliquary is opened accidently and our hero is infected by this fragment and begins to change.

Initially, it is a boon. He begins to gain powers of technomancy, unknown to him about the how or the why of his abilities. With his new found abilities, he is used by a rebellion, to take on the Technomagi of the Monarchy and overthrow the oppressive regime and to try and establish a system that is fair for everyone.

Over time, the hive fragment ‘hatches’ and begins to replicate. As it replicates, the hero gains greater powers, but erodes his humanity until nothing remains of what was once our hero, but something new, something dangerous and something that has taken control of the Empire.